Part 1
1973 - 1999

1973April 15-22Three years before the 12 New Mouseketeers are chosen for TV, Shawnte Northcutte appeared on the Tomorrowland stage at Disneyland during Easter week for the "Mickey Mouse Club" live shows.
1976MarchDisney Studios was still auditioning kids for "The New Mickey Mouse Club" ("NMMC"). They were down to the final 40 kids.
1976May 24NMMC rehearsals started.
1976JuneProduction started on NMMC at Disney Studios (filmed on Stage 3)
1976Sept. 23The Showtime segment with the Gilbert Twins and Tanya Hernandez (she did a guitar duet with Lisa) was filmed at Disneyland's Plaza Gardens
1977January 9 The New Mouseketeers appeared in the Super Bowl XI half-time production. They did the Mouseketeer roll call.
1977January 14 Sneak preview of NMMC at 7:30pm on KTTV in Los Angeles (episode with Tim Considine and Annette Funicello)
1977January 16The New Mouseketeers appeared on "Wonderama." Host Bob McAllister visited the NMMC set and they performed "The Hoedown."
1977January 17First NMCC episode aired on KTTV (Channel 11) in Los Angeles at 5pm
1977April 2-9 Live Easter Week 1977 shows with all 12 Mouseketeers at Disneyland - performed at the Small World stage, among other songs, "Together" (Lisa w/Arthur), "Mr. Melody" (Shawnte), "Your Mama Don't Dance" (Mindy), "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and "We're Children of the World." They also appeared in Disneyland parade on top of "ear" floats.
1977April 30Mice appeared at John Tracy Clinic Benefit Bazaar
1977May 8 Kelly and Todd appeared on "Wonderama"
1977May 15 New Mouseketeers performed on the Variety Club telethon
1977May 22 Mice taped "All-Star Anything Goes" at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA (Todd, Shawnte, Pop and Allison competed against cast of "Little House on the Prairie" -- Julie, Kelly, Curtis, Nita and Scott among the cheering squad). It was referred to as The House vs. The Mouse.
1977June 2 Mice taped "Dinah!" at CBS studios; performed "Disco Mouse" (other guests: Frank Gifford, Tom Bosley and Sha-Na-Na)
1976June 15Some Mice went to the BPA/MSU Awards dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel
1977June 19 Mice appeared at Cerebral Palsy Telethon
1977June 25 Todd, Scott, Nita and Allison appeared at Special Olympics at UCLA's Drake Stadium
1977July 8The New Mouseketeers' appearance on "Dinah!" aired on CBS
1977August 10Karen B's "Salute to the Mouseketeers" show. Allison, Scott, Todd, Julie, Nita, Angel, Lisa and Kelly attended. After the show, they got up on stage and performed "Friends"
1977August 285th Annual Actors & Others For Animals Celebrity Fair - Todd, Allison, Scott, Mindy, Nita, Curtis, Kelly, Julie and Pop attended to sign autographs
1977August 29 All 12 New Mouseketeers left from LAX airport headed for Florida
1977Sept. 2-5 Mice performed at the Magic Kingdom at Cinderella Castle forecourt 3 times a day @ Disney World and appeared in character parade on Main Street
1977Sept. 6-11Mice filmed "The Mouseketeers at Walt Disney World" special in Florida (taped the closing number for the TV special at the Castle Forecourt on Sept. 8)
1977Sept. 13Mice returned to L.A. from Florida
1977Sept. 24
and 25
Kids Days '77 at Disneyland - All 12 Mice performed on stage and appeared in parade (this was the last time Lisa performed regularly with the Mouseketeers)
1977Nov. 20 "The Mouseketeers at Walt Disney World" special aired for first time on TV
1977Dec. 19-23 Christmas Week 1977 shows with 11 Mice (without Lisa) at Disneyland's Space Stage. Live shows at 11:30, 1:00, 3:00 and 4:30.
1978January 16 Start of the second season of "The New Mickey Mouse Club"
1978February 9 Mice left for Vancouver, Canada
1978February 11 or 12Mice appeared at Variety Club Telethon in Vancouver
1978February 13Mice returned from Canada
1978March 25 Scott and Allison performed together at Downey Teen Theatre's "A Show of Shows" (sang "Come Sail Away," among other songs)
1978April 11 "All-Star Anything Goes" episode with Mice aired on TV
1978April 30 Todd, Kelly, Scott, Allison, Pop, Nita, Angel, Shawnte and Mindy appeared on the Variety Club Telethon (Scott sang "Yankee Doodle Disco," Todd and Kelly sang "You're Really Terrific," Scott and Kelly sang "Taco and a Burger")
1978May 6 Todd's "The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy" aired on TV (Todd was the voice of Petey the Puppy)
1978May 13 Todd, Lisa, Shawnte, Nita, Allison and Scott at John Tracy Clinic Benefit Bazaar (performed "Friends")
1978 June 10 Pop, Todd, Scott, Julie, Allison and Nita performed "Disco Mouse" at Nita's church fiesta
1978June 12 Mice started rehearsal for Summer of 1978 shows
1978June 17Todd's dance recital at Inglewood High School where he performed with "The Showtimers." Julie, Kelly, Nita, Pop and Curtis attended. They were introduced and brought up on stage.
1978June 29 First day of "Summer of 1978" shows at Disneyland (no Lisa though; performed at Space Stage; two different shows: Show A and Show B; they performed Monday through Saturday at 11:00am, 12:30pm and 1:30pm)* (scroll down to bottom of page for list of songs performed)
1978July 17Julie on Channel 52 in L.A. for Club 52's "Salute to Disneyland Week"; some of the Mice did short interviews in between cartoons throughout the week
1978July 18Pop on "Club 52"
1978July 19Curtis on "Club 52"
1978July 20Mice filmed at Disneyland for segment in Mickey's 50th Birthday Party Show to be in movie theatres September-November 1978; Todd on "Club 52"
1978July 21Shawnte on "Club 52"
1978July 25Lisa went to see the other Mice perform at Disneyland. They had her come on stage during the "Friends" song
1978Aug. 10 Birthday party for Curtis, Nita and Angel at Shakey's after Disneyland shows
1978August 20 6th Annual Actors & Others For Animals Celebrity Fair at Hollywood Palladium. Scott, Kelly, Julie and Mindy signed autographs.
1978Sept. 4 Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon: Todd, Scott, Allison, Shawnte, Julie, Pop, Curtis and Nita helped answer phones on L.A. segment
1978Sept. 5 Last day of Summer of 1978 live shows at Disneyland (it rained). The front row moved their seats up to the stage to keep dry from the stage overhang.
1978October 19Allison appeared as Grand Marshall in Buena Park Silverado Days parade
1978Nov. 4 Todd, Kelly, Scott, Mindy, Allison and Nita signed autographs at May Co. stores in Oceanside and San Diego, California
1978Nov. 14 Todd's "The Carol Burnett Show" rerun aired on TV
1978Nov. 18-19 Original and New Mouseketeers at Mickey Mouse's Gala 50th Birthday Party Parade at Disneyland
1978Nov. 25 Scott appeared at Golfland Pinball Tournament (w/other celebrities like Adam Rich, Kathy Coleman and Philip McKeon)
1978Dec. 1 Last episode of "The New Mickey Mouse Club" aired in Los Angeles
1978Dec. 6 Todd and Julie appear at Christmas tree dedication at the L.A. Music Center (Disney donated the tree)
1978Dec. 22 Todd, Scott and Mindy went to Camp Pendleton for annual Christmas celebration
1978Dec. 31 Scott appeared at Holiday Star Telethon
1979Jan. 11Kelly, Curtis, Lisa and Todd went to Disney Studios for a preview screening of "The North Avenue Irregulars."
1979Jan. 23Kelly did a print ad session for Levi's.
1979March 22Todd fillmed a national Kool-Aid commercial.
1979March 25 Todd, Kelly, Scott, Julie, Allison and Mindy appeared in Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Benefit softball game at Rancho Park
1979April 13 Julie found out she got "Sue Ann" part on "Garrett's Girls" (original title of proposed "Diff'rent Strokes" spinoff which eventually became "The Facts of Life")
1979April 19 Filming of the "Diff'rent Strokes" episode with Julie and Lisa in it
1979April 21 Todd and Kelly attended their Fan Clubs Picnic/Get-Together at Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Park
1979April 29Scott & Sassy performed at the Variety Club Telethon.
1979May 20Todd's confirmation party. Kelly, Allison, Scott and other Mice attended.
1979May 24Todd, Kelly and Scott went to a preview screening of "An Unidentified Flying Oddball" at Disney Studios.
1979June 2 Lisa's 16th birthday party at Disneyland, attended by Scott, Julie and Allison, among other Mice.
1979June 12 Kelly attended a press conference at the ABC Entertainment Center in Century City (as part of the Preliminary Screening Committee) for the upcoming Miss California Teenager Pageant
1979June 16Todd's dance recital. Kelly attended.
1979June 25 Scott & Sassy (Scott's band) performed at Downey Teen Theatre's "A Show of Shows" - Todd, Kelly, Mindy and Julie attended.
1979July 7 and 8 20th Annual Miss California Teenager Pageant in Newport Beach - Kelly, Todd and Allison were part of the Preliminary Screening Committee; "Scott & Sassy" performed at Saturday night disco and pageant ceremony
1979August 10 "The Facts of Life" taping at KTTV studios in Hollywood (Studio 1, 5746 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood)
1979August 18 Charlie's Summer of 1978 Reunion Beach Party (Charlie was a beloved guard at "Harbor House" -- the Disneyland guard shack)- Kelly, Pop, Nita and Scott attended
1979August 24 "The Facts of Life" taping; one-hour season premiere of "Diff'rent Strokes" airs introducing "The Facts of Life" characters
1979August 25 Lisa's get together at Buena Vista Park in Burbank where she and Nanny met Lisa's fans
1979August 27-30 Kelly in Hawaii for Coca-Cola commercial (to air in Japan)
1979August 31 "The Facts of Life" taping
1979Sept. 7 "The Facts of Life" taping
1979Dec. 4 "The Facts of Life" taping
1979Dec. 13 "The Facts of Life" taping
1979Dec. 20 "The Facts of Life" taping
1979Dec. 22 Summer of 1978 reunion Christmas party in Fullerton
1980January 8 Kelly filmed an "Alice" episode at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank
1980January 17"The Facts of Life" taping
1980January 26 Kelly went with Philip McKeon to the Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel
1980February 8 "The Facts of Life" taping
1980February 9 Scott (16) and Leanna (18) Craig's surprise birthday party - Todd, Lisa, Julie, Allison and Angel attended
1980February 10Kelly's "My Funny Valentine Tux" episode of "Alice" episode aired - Kelly played Tommy's date, "Wanda Nelson"
1980February 19"The Facts of Life" taping
1980March 1Rehearsals started for "25 Years of Mouseketeers" live show at Disneyland
1980March 29 -
April 1, 3-5
Easter Week 1980 at Disneyland -- "25 Years of Mouseketeers" stage show at the Space Stage with Kelly, Todd, Scott, Allison, Curtis and Shawnte (and original Mice Tommy, Lonnie, Cubby and Sharon). During this week, Julie, Lisa and Nita came to see the show.
1980April 1"The Facts of Life" taping
1980April 3Kelly and Scott went to Easter Week Summer of 1978 Fan Reunion get-together at Olive Tree Buffet
1980April 11 Kelly and some other Mice went to Disneyland's 25th Family Reunion Day (anyone who has ever performed at Disneyland was invited, along with their families, and got into the park free)
1980SummerTodd, Julie and Scott appeared at a Children's Hospital benefit at the Bonaventure Hotel
1980Nov. 11"The Facts of Life" taping
1980Dec. 17 Shawnte appeared as "Madge" on "Who Am I?" episode of "The Facts of Life"
1981March 22 Lisa appeared on "NBC Sports World"; she was one of the celebrities at the John Denver Celebrity Pro Am Skiing Tournament held at Heavenly Valley in Lake Tahoe, Nevada
1982August 21"Summer of 1978" fan reunion beach party
1983 SummerFan reunion at James Bassett's house; Scott was there
1985Feb. 26At the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc.'s 27th Annual Grammy Awards, Lisa Whelchel was a nominee for "Best Gospel, Sacred, Inspirational Performance" for her album "All Because of You" (Donna Summer won)
1986 March 15 Kelly, as Miss Northridge 1986, appeared in Miss California USA 1986 pageant held at Knott's Berry Farm and won
1986May 20Kelly, as Miss California USA 1986, appeared in the 35th Annual Miss USA Pageant held in Miami, Florida at the Miami Convention Center. Finished 4th runner up.
1986MayAllison graduated from Stanford University (Palo Alto, California)
1986June 19Kelly and other Miss USA contestants appeared in the USO tour show "1st Annual Miss USA Show" in Sicily
1986June 21Lisa appeared in concert at Broward Community College's OMNI auditorium in Pompano Beach, Florida, as part of the 7-Up Gold Coast Contemporary Concert Series
1986July 7-13 Lisa appeared as Peter Pan in production of "Peter Pan" (Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri); Julie came to see Lisa in the show
1987February 21 Lisa attended 75th birthday party of the Girl Scouts, USA in Ft. Worth, Texas
1987February 25Mindy's "Parent's Day" episode of "Highway to Heaven" aired on TV
1988 MarchThe last "The Facts of Life" show was taped
1988 May 8The last "The Facts of Life" episode aired
1988 July 9 Lisa married Steven Cauble in Van Nuys, California
1989? In 1988 or 89, while Mindy Feldman went to California State University, Northridge (CSUN), she roomed with Kim Parsons, Kelly's little sister
1990January 17 Tucker Stephenson Cauble born (Lisa and Steve's first child), 6 lbs., 9 oz., 19" long
1990April 28 Lisa attends the National Rights for Life Committee's "Rally for Life 1990" in Washington, D.C. and speaks on pro-life issues. Lisa, in discussing her own recent pregnancy asked, "How can you look at an ultrasound that shows little hands and little feet and say it doesn't have the right to life?"
1991 July 12 Fan reunion at Shakey's in Anaheim
1991Sept. 26Haven Katherine Hill Cauble born (Lisa and Steve's second child)
1992SpringLisa hosted a 15th anniversary NMMC reunion at her house (Scott and Nita were unable to attend)
1992Nov. 12Clancy Elizabeth Cauble born (Lisa and Steve's third child)
1995April 25Rest in peace, Angel
1998August 12Lisa appeared on Zoog Disney internet chat to promote the upcoming "70's Week" on The Disney Channel
1998 August 16-238 episodes of NMMC aired on The Disney Channel for Vault Disney's "70's Week," plus "The Mouseketeers at Disney World" special
1998 Sept. 17Lisa attended Columbia TriStar Television Group's 1998 Season Launch/50th Anniversary Party
1998October 14Lisa appeared with other former sitcom stars on "The Jenny Jones Show"
1999February 1 Lisa appeared on the TV show "Extra" and talked about home schooling for her kids
1999February 18 Lisa and Scott made appearances at Joel's DiscoMice chatroom
1999 March 7 Fan reunion at Shakey's in Anaheim (with Dale and Trish Ward, Ken Kirkup and family, Steve Hendrickson, Tim Callan and Karen T.)
1999April/May?Allison taped segment for NBC show in New York "B. Smith With Style"
1999July 25Fan gathering at NFFC convention "Strictly Disneyana" show, then gathered at Shakey's (Karen T., Dale W., Christine S., Mike K. and Doug P.)
1999August 15 "The Mouseketeers at Walt Disney World" special rerun aired on the Disney Channel
1999August 15-21 18 episodes of NMMC reruns aired on the Disney Channel during "70's Week"
1999Sept. 11 EastCon fan get-together in Orlando, Florida (Helen, Joel W., Mike M. and Melinda) at a Disneyana convention
1999Sept. 19-24Lisa was one of the guest speakers at the 1999 National Homeschool Family Retreat held in Glorieta, New Mexico
1999 Nov. 13Lisa appeared on "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher" for "Child Star Wars" segment
1999 Nov. 28Lisa and FOL cast members interviewed on "E! True Hollywood Story: Facts of Life Girls"

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* Summer of '78 shows:

"Showtime"/"Disco Mouse"
"Sing and Dance"
"I Got the Music in Me" (Allison, Scott, Pop, Mindy)
"Dance, Dance, Dance"
"Kids!" (Mindy)
Songs from the:
40's - "Jump, Shout, Boogie"
50's - "Rockin' Pneumonia" (Scott) and "You're the One That I Want" (Julie)
60's - "Sgt. Pepper" (Allison), "With a Little Help" and "When I'm 64" (Mindy)
70's - "Boogie Shoes" and "Theme from Star Wars"
"Can't Smile Without You"

"Showtime"/"Disco Mouse"
"Yankee Doodle Disco" (Scott)
"King of the Swingers" (Angel)
"Bare Necessities" (Julie)
"Taco and a Burger" (Scott and Kelly)
Salute to Kids on Broadway"
"Gary, Indiana" (Todd)
"Let Me Entertain You"
"16 Going on 17" (Kelly)
"Consider Yourself"
"Tomorrow" (Allison; Julie)
"You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" (Mindy)
"Ease On Down the Road" (Shawnte)
"Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and the Gang"

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