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This site is dedicated to the twelve 1977 New Mouseketeers. 1977-1980 was such a great time. The memorable Summer of '78 spent at Disneyland's Space Stage for the live shows was in the middle of it all! We hope this site brings back fond memories for you.
-- Karen (Valencia, CA)

Special thanks to Christine S. for her cool flashing 'teer ear graphics!

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LATEST NEWS (updated 1/22/15): Lisa Whelchel and daughter Clancy will star in the play "Butterflies Are Free" February 18-March 22, 2015 at the Alhambra Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida....

Mouse. Club.


Lisa Whelchel finished Survivor: Philippines on December 16, 2012 when the live reunion aired. While she didn't win the $1,000,000, she did win the fan favorite award, Player of the Season.

"E! True Hollywood Story: Mickey Mouse Club" first aired in 2007 and occasionally re-airs on E!. Julie, Pop and Lisa appear in interviews. If you missed it, check it out on YouTube: Part 1 and Part 2.

Check out the new photo gallery #136 added 11/18/12.

On October 26-28, 2012 in St. Louis, Julie appeared in Variety Children's Theatre's fall production of Annie at the Touhill Performing Arts Center. She played Lily, the woman who poses as Annie's mother to make a fast buck.

On October 19, 2012, Lisa and Steve's oldest daughter married her long-time beau and best friend. Congratulations to Haven and Aaron Weits!

In the Spring of 2012, Julie visited Disney World with her kids Jacqueline and Christian and filmed "A Mouseketeer Homecoming at Walt Disney World Resort".

Lisa moved back to the Los Angeles area in January 2013. She's exploring many possibilities, perhaps even a sitcom with daughter Clancy..

In the summer of 2012, Disney Store merchandise included items with the '70s NMMC logo!

Recent photo of Allison. Love the jacket!
Lisa isn't journaling these days. However, she's discovered the wonders of Twitter and Facebook. Follow her at Lisa Whelchel Twitter and Facebook.

Lisa's latest book is "Friendships for Grown-ups: What I Missed and Learned Along the Way."

NMMC is prominently on YouTube.com! There are also Julie and Kelly commercials from the '80s on YouTube. Join our NMMC Yahoo! Groups list to find out where to find them.

At times, Todd plays drums for a band called Loud Neighbor in the SoCal area.
Available now is Bill Gaither's Homecoming DVD called "Journey To The Sky." Look in the bonus "special features" section for Lisa's testimonial and story on how she came about to receive her original pink Mouseketeer ears. Plus I hear the audience honors Lisa with a rendition of the "The Facts of Life" theme song.

Pop and his wife, Lisa, met at the Hollywood Collector Show in October 2001 and were married on June 27, 2004. Pop wrote a book called "Broken Dreams" that he's looking to get published. We wish the Attmores, including their little girl born in 2007, all the best!

Now it's time to say goodbye to some of our NMMC family ...

Velma French, Lisa's grandmother (Nanny), had just turned a grand 91 years old in 2004. Many of the NMMC and FOL fans met Nanny back in the '70s and '80s and became pen pals with her. She made us feel special because she spent the time to talk with the fans. She would even call them up on the phone every so often. Nanny ran Lisa's fan club for many years and was her guardian much of the time while Lisa filmed NMMC and FOL. It was great that Lisa got the NMMC gang together for a reunion in 2001 but even better was the fact that Nanny was able to be there to see her old friends again. Nanny was the Queen Mother of the Mouseka-moms! Oh, and that Texas twang! It was part of her special charm. Velma French: 1913-2004. God bless you, Nanny, we miss you!
RIP Angelo Florez 1963-1995.

We are also saddened to report the untimely passing of Scott Craig on December 30, 2003. Scott will always be in our hearts...

"To the best musician on the NMMC club who filled my head and heart with happiness, joy and encouragement ... I will always appreciate your kindness and gentleness with you fans back in May of 2001."

"I don't know if there really are Angels In America, but if there are, their choir just picked up one hell of a second tenor -- one who will hold his notes in order to make all the harmonies work, just as he did back on that wonderful old show. Thank you Scott Craig, for the inspiration, the laughs, the love you shared, and the moments you created in our young lives."

"Scott has been a shining light in darkness. His big bright smiling eyes have touched my heart so many times. He had a love for the fans and never made you feel like you were anything less than a friend. His love for life was infectious. Scott will be so missed."

"Scott was such a wonderful person - one of those wonderful people who never met a stranger. He made you feel like you were his friend the moment you met him."

"Scott will never be forgotten as long as one of us who truly saw his heart, his talent and his love of life are alive."

- Scott's NMMC Friends

Click on the above Globe banner for a 9/9/03 article on Lisa.

At left is Lisa with Julie (Piekarski) Probst in 2002. Julie's married with three adult kids and is living in the St. Louis area. Julie and kids have performed in many live theatre productions. The oldest has graduated college and two are still in college. Besides being a fellow Mouseketeer, Julie played "Sue Ann Weaver" in the first season of FOL and guest starred in several FOL episodes after that. We missed Julie at the NMMC reunion in 2001 but we're hoping she can make the next one. Julie posted a message to the NMMC Yahoo! Groups a few years back. Read What Julie's Been Up To.

2001 articles on the some of the former New Mouseketeers can be found at "When The Spotlight Fades: 'The New Mickey Mouse Club' Child Stars Grow Up" and "Where Are They Now?"

In a rare appearance, six of the New Mouseketeers appeared at the Hollywood Collectors Show in North Hollywood, California, on October 6 and 7, 2001. Photos of Nita, Scott, Pop, Shawnte, Mindy and Todd are now up in the photo galleries. Start at Photo Gallery #105 and click "next" at the bottom of each page to view all four pages of HCS photos.

On May 19, 2001, Lisa Whelchel hosted a 25th Anniversary New Mickey Mouse Club Reunion in Valencia, California. Eight of the New Mouseketeers were able to attend: Lisa, Scott, Todd, Allison, Pop, Mindy, Shawnte and Curtis. The Special Guest of Honor was Velma French, Lisa's grandmother. See my other NMMC website for a listing of the NMMC reunion webpages, loaded with photos: Karen's Other NMMC Page.

Back row: Allison, Scott, Pop and Todd
Front row: Curtis, Mindy, Shawnte and Lisa

Lisa's third book was all about homeschooling and can help you decide if homeschooling can work for your family.

Lisa's second book is not your typical autobiography but includes personal stories of certain times in Lisa's life, from her childhood to the present years. It's my favorite of all of Lisa's books.

Lisa's first book -- "Creative Correction: Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline" -- came out in 2000 offers "creative solutions for parents who are desperate for new, proven approaches to discipline."

Plus a video and other books by Lisa:

  • "Creative Correction Bible Study" - interactive video
  • "Speaking Mom-ese"
  • "The Busy Mom's Guide to Wisdom"
  • "Taking Care of the Me in Mommy: Becoming a Better Mom - Body, Soul & Spirit"
  • "The Busy Grandma's Guide to Prayer"
  • "This is My Story" - It incorporates Bible study, journaling and scrapbooking in a six-week project
  • "The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study"
  • "Friendships for Grown-ups: What I Missed and Learned Along the Way"

Rare items from the '70s "The New Mickey Mouse Club" TV show have been up for bidding at Disney's ebay auctions! Disney has been cleaning out its attic and has dug up original items from the '70s TV show (ears, overalls, shoes). The highest amount paid for an NMMC item so far is $1,125 for a pair of Kelly's green Mouseketeer "ears."

Lisa Whelchel (above) and Mindy Feldman (below):
Then and Now

For many more photos of the New Mouseketeers,
scroll down to the photo galleries below

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Which New Mouseketeer was born in Germany?
(Answer: Pop Attmore)

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Photo Favorites

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Mickey's 50th Birthday Bash

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Summer of '78

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Easter Week '80

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Kids Days '77

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More Kelly

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Autographed Mice Memorabilia

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Mouse Times Three

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More Todd

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Kelly in B&W

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All-Star Anything Goes

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Todd and Kelly

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Mice + Fans

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Still More Todd

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Christmas Week '77

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Mice + Celebrities

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More Kids Days '77

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More Easter Week '80

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Salute to Mouseketeers

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Kelly and Allison

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Easter Week '77

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Even More Summer of '78

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Mickey T-Shirts

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A Black and White Summer

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Mice + Siblings

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Julie and Todd

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Yet More Kelly

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Some More Todd

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Goin' to the Golden Globe Awards

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Still More Kids Days '77

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Kelly in Canada

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More Mickey's 50th

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More Mice + Celebs

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Todd: '77 - '80

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Still More NMMC

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Lisa on "Jenny Jones" (1998)

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Yep, More Kelly

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Yep, More NMMC

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Kelly, Kelly, Kelly . . .

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Lisa: The FOL Years

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Todd and . . .

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Still More Mice + Celebs

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Still More Easter Week '80

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Lisa's Fan Club Get-Together '79

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Variety Club Telethon '77

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Still More Mickey's 50th

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Disney Parades

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Kim and Leanna

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Julie Pie

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Kelly and . . .

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The Littlest 'teer

Photo Gallery #72
Kelly: Through the Years
(1976 to 1986)

Photo Gallery #73

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Stripes + Plaid

Photo Gallery #75

Photo Gallery #76
Don't Open Until Christmas

Photo Gallery #77
Lisa: Through the Years
(1977 to 2000)

Photo Gallery #78
Ears to You (Happy 2000!)

Photo Gallery #79
Those Were The Days: Part I

Photo Gallery #80
Those Were The Days: Part II

Photo Gallery #81

Photo Gallery #82
Lisa as "Blair"

Photo Gallery #83
NMMC Revisited

Photo Gallery #84
Oceanside and San Diego Appearances '78

Photo Gallery #85
Mindy: Then and Now
(1976 to 2001)

Photo Gallery #86
Mindy and Corey

Photo Gallery #87
Mindy at HCS

Photo Gallery #88
The Cauble Family

Photo Gallery #89
"Creative Correction"
Lisa's First Book

Photo Gallery #90

Photo Gallery #91
Lisa's Barnes & Noble
Book Signing

Photo Gallery #92
Lisa's Borders Book Signing

Photo Gallery #93
Lisa's Book Tour 2000

Photo Gallery #94
Lisa at UCLA's Festival of Books

Photo Gallery #95
25 Year NMMC Reunion

Photo Gallery #96
25 Year NMMC Reunion

Photo Gallery #97
25 Year NMMC Reunion

Photo Gallery #98
25 Year NMMC Reunion

Photo Gallery #99
25 Year NMMC Reunion

Photo Gallery #100
25 Year NMMC Reunion

Photo Gallery #101
25 Year NMMC Reunion

Photo Gallery #102
25 Year NMMC Reunion

Photo Gallery #103
25 Year NMMC Reunion

Photo Gallery #104
Todd: Through The Years

Photo Gallery #105
Hollywood Collectors Show 2001

Photo Gallery #106
Hollywood Collectors Show 2001

Photo Gallery #107
Hollywood Collectors Show 2001

Photo Gallery #108
Hollywood Collectors Show 2001

Photo Gallery #109
The Facts of Life Reunion 2001

Photo Gallery #110
Behind-the-Scenes of
The Facts of Life Reunion

Photo Gallery #111
Lisa's Book Tour 2001

Photo Gallery #112
Ready to Go RVin'

Photo Gallery #113
Lisa and Family at Disney World 2002

Photo Gallery #114
Sweet 16

Photo Gallery #115
The Caubles at the
Lincoln Memorial Sonrise Service

Photo Gallery #116
The Family Dream Trip:

Photo Gallery #117
NMMC in Living Color

Photo Gallery #118
More Kelly in B&W

Photo Gallery #119
Agency Composites: The Guys

Photo Gallery #120
Agency Composites: The Gals

Photo Gallery #121
Lisa Whelchel Collectibles

Photo Gallery #122
NMMC Collectible Items: Part 1

Photo Gallery #123
NMMC Collectible Items: Part 2

Photo Gallery #124
Lisa's Book Tour 2002

Photo Gallery #125
Lisa: Past and Present

Photo Gallery #126
More from "Dinah!"

Photo Gallery #127
Summer of '78 Revisited: Part 1

Photo Gallery #128
Lisa at the 2004 TV Land Awards Show

Photo Gallery #129
The 1992 NMMC Reunion
-- In Color!

Photo Gallery #130
Julie 2007

Photo Gallery #131
Lisa and Pop Attmore's
2004 Wedding

Photo Gallery #132
Lisa Whelchel 2012

Photo Gallery #133
Mickey's Birthday Party Show (1978)

Photo Gallery #134
KT and the 'teers

Photo Gallery #135
Lisa Whelchel on "Survivor: Philippines" (Part 1)

Photo Gallery #135
Lisa Whelchel on "Survivor: Philippines" (Part 2)

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Lisa and Scott in the Spring of 2002

Julie returns to Disney World in 2012:

Lisa returns to Disney World in 2013:

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