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Formly T-800 Reprogram. This is a site based on the terminator series of films. HTML and Java Script are now purely used to create this site. Data transfer will also be quicker. To begin with most of the stored information will be the same as I start to transfer data between these 2 sites. But expect a section based entirely on T3: Rise of the Machines.

T3: Rise of the Machines: your thoughts… To create this section I need your reviews, thoughts and opinions on T3. Please email these to: adrock2awol_uk@yahoo.co.uk (not forgetting the _ underscore).

News and Updates

  • Update- Transferring data from T-800 Reprogram to Terminator Data.
  • News- Terminator star Arnold will support the Republican Convention in the 2004 Presidential Race (USA) for the Whitehouse.
  • Update- Please send any terminator wallpaper to terminatordata@yahoo.co.uk, that you would like featured.
  • News- A new Terminator novel will be based on T3: Rise of the Machines. By the author: Aaron Allston, the book will be called- Terminator Hunt.


Expect a data core with information on: The Terminator, T2: Judgement Day, T3:Rise of the Machines, an image database and more.

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