Hello! Welcome to Puu's Pop-Culture Thrift Shop. Interested in buying some anime/manga or comic book merchandise? Well, you've come to the right place. We sell a range of new/used merchandise from many different genre. This is not a commercial site. This is basically our own little garage sale/thrift shop on-line that we use to get rid of some of our stuff (We're grad students in college, so we need to raise some money along with clearing out our old treasures). So take a look around! You might find something you're interested in. =^_^= Puu's Pop-Culture Thrift Shop is currently CLOSED!! Everything is SOLD!! Thank you very much!!

Sailor Moon Tapes

(Sailor Moon Japanese/English subtitled VHS tapes)


(Japanese comics and magazines from Japan and America)


(Gashapon, Dolls, Action Figures, Trading Cards)


(Gameboy, PS2, Sega)


(Check out the auctions we're currently holding at E-bay!)

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