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About Tigers

Today only about 5000 - 7000 wild tigers live across Asia.
There are less than 10 Amur Tigers in North Korea and the
Bali Tiger has been extinct since the 1940's. Other Tiger species
that are extinct include: the Caspian Tiger and Javan Tiger.

Most tigers are
tawny brown in color with dark stripes
and whitish stomachs. However, a few wild tigers have been
seen in unusual colors including all white and all black.

There are a species of tigers called white tigers. They are a mutation of
the Bengal species and have
dark brown or reddish
stripes on a white ground-color.

Melanistic or black tigers have tawny, yellow or white
stripes on a black ground color. The existence of black
tigers without stripes has been reported but their has
been no specimens or photographs.

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Want to read about some Misconceptions of Tigers

Tiger Taxonomy

What's Taxonomy?
Note: This page refers to insects but still
clearly explains what taxonomy is.

 Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Panthera tigris
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Tiger Fun

Save the Tigers

Tiger Memberships

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Sprit Guide Graphic Adopted from Velvet Tiger

Tiger Wisdom Includes:

  • Power

  • Energy

  • Strength and will-power in the face of adversity

  • Acting in a timely manner

  • Action without analysis

For More Information on the Tigers Strengths and Abilites,
visit the
Animal Guides Page.

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