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What Wiccans believe in regards to deity can be different. What I mean is there is no one way for Wiccans to believe. We are generally called Polytheistic which means we believe in more than one deity. It seems that most Wiccans believe in a God and a Goddess. Those who honour specific Gods and Goddesses (e.g. Aphrodite, Bacchus, Isis, Diana etc...) tend to think of them as aspects of the God or Goddess, not as separate Gods and Goddesses. Some, including me, think of the God and Goddess as one full being, not as two separate beings. To me, it makes sense to call them God and Goddess because we are used to putting things into male or female categories. This is changing slowly but is still a prevalent way of understanding things.

This page is about the female aspects of deity.

The Goddess is normally portrayed by a moon:

The Symbol for the Goddess is the full moon with the two half moons on
each side.

2003 Kathleen Garber

Although I tend to subscribe to different patheons, I really like Egyptian.
My favourite goddess is
Isis. She is the goddess of motherhood and magic.

Neferchichi's Tomb

The Goddess Film

A flash film about Goddesses. 10 Minutes long, need Shockwave to play. Could be better quality but still worth a watch.

The Charge of the Goddess

The Charge of the Goddess is attributed to Doreen Valiente,
a student of Gerarld Gardner. The poem, originally found in the Gardnerian
Book of Shadows, is now loved by all witches as a statement of our
reverence for the Goddess and Nature.

The Goddess in Today's World

A small essay written by a fellow Wiccan. A must-read. Very meaningful and easy
to relate too.

The Triple Goddess

The Goddess comes to us in three froms. The Maiden,
The Mother and The Crone. Each has something special about her.
Find out more by clicking on the link.

The Three Ladies by Colleen Criswell

Used with permission. A beautiful short story about the Triple Goddess.

Goddess Songs/Poems/Chants/Invocations

Just what is says!

Ameth's Myth Page - Greek Gods and Goddesses [outside link]

A list of Greek Gods and Goddesses and who they were/are
and what they are in charge of.

Devotion [outside link]

Lots of cool information on Gods and Goddesses

Goddess Prose Poem and Images[outside link]

Part of the Karrie Ann Alrich official site. Note: Contains basic nudity, if you
are offended by women's bare chests, do not click on the link.

The Goddess at Open Sesame [outside link]

A bunch of questions and answers about the Goddess including such things
as "Is there a limit to the Power of the Goddess?", "Do Witches worship a
higher being?" and "Did a diety create us?"

Meeting The Goddess [outside link]

- from The Dance

She Changes everything she Touches,
And everything she touches, changes.

Goddess 2000 Project

(Yes, I know it's not 2000 anymore)

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