Robert's Handfasting Ceremony
1995 Robert, Used With Permission.
May be copied for personal use only.

My wife had prepared a piece of paper with our vows and certain items that were symbolic of our relationship. These included pictures, locks of hair, etc. We arranged candles on a low table in the center of our apartment and put the paper in the center of the candles.

As we said our vows to each other we wrapped our intertwined hands with a long piece of my clans tartan. After finishing the vows poured wax from two candles on one spot and with our bound hand together stamped the wax with a small necklace amulet I had given her to remember me by when I went to sea.

This has always been what we consider our wedding day. And that piece of paper is what we think of as our marriage certificate. We were not "legally" married for another three years and we did that on our third anniversary. I also hold my handfasting vows to the letter.

I think in most cases people that feel strongly for each other tend to take intimate spoken vows in much greater stead than the run of the mill vows generally used in traditional weddings. Plus the fact that holding hands is generally our first taste of intimacy when we are young. Just holding your partners hand can be one of the most calming and loving expressions. Plus frenching in public is a little much.

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