Pagan 'zines

This is a list of online and offline Pagan related newsletters, ezines and magazines. I am not including ezines for certain cities, areas etc...

Online Only

As the Witch Flies
In Association with Disorderly Witches, this ezine only has two issues and hasn't been updated in a while but the two articles have great info. One is a pdf. Articles about Samhain, Mabon and Litha, Recipes, Trivia, Kids Crafts, Opinions

Cauldron and Candle
Online for 6 years, a totally text newsletter for Neo-Pagans. You can have it delivered to your email or read it online. Published once a month. It also contains news from their forum, eCauldron.

Full Circle Events
Monthly Newsletter with articles and links on variety of Pagan topics.

Mystic Wicks Magazine
Connected with Mystic Wicks online forum. Recently started publication but one of the very best I've ever seen. Each article is a separate pdf file. If you want one pdf file with everything in it, you must have a paid subscription to MW.

The Wiccan/Pagan Times
Been around since 1999, has interviews with well-known Pagans, great articles and LOTS of book reviews.

Crescent Magazine
Page is being updated right now

Copper Moon
An ezine for Teens and Young Adults.

Mystic Witch
Written like a newspaper. Articles, News and Forums.

Offline Only

Circle Magazine
From Circle Sanctuary. Articles about Paganism, Shamanism, Wicca/Witchcraft, Magic, Goddess Spirituality and Native Spirituality. Been around since the 70's.

PanGaia Magazine
PanGaia is an 80-page quarterly magazine that explores Pagan and Gaian Earth-based spirituality at home and around the world.  "

A Magazine for those interested in the Goddess.

The Blessed Bee
A Newsletter for the Pagan Parent. Quarterly.

A Witchy Magazine for the new generation of Witches.

Online and/or Offline

If... Journal of Spiritual Exploration
You can order in pdf version or snailmail. Each magazine has a theme. Articles related to theme. Not strictly Pagan.

Northwest Pagan's magazine, available in print in some areas, or online.

Moon Shadows Magazine
"Regular columns cover everything from being an animal intuitive to herbal remedies to faerie craft and "spiritual evolution"."


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