Beltane Blessings and Chants


Bless, O Threefold Goddess, Myself, my Coven, and my family, My pets, my plants, and all children of the Great Mother. On the fragrant plain, on the gay mountain sheiling,
On the fragrant plain, on the gay mountain sheiling.
  Everything within my dwelling or in my possession, From Beltane Eve to Samhain Eve, From Samhain Eve to Beltane Eve, With goodly progress and gentle blessing, From sea to sea, and every river mouth,
From wave to wave, and base of waterfall.
  Be thy Three Faces taking possession of all to me belonging, Be the Watchtowers four protecting me in truth; Oh! satisfy my spirit with the warmth of Belinos, And shield my loved ones between the Beltane fires,
Shield my loved ones between the Beltane fires.
  Bless everything and every one, Of this little household by my side; Place the pentagram of the Lady upon us Till we see the Land of Promise.
Till we see the Land of Promise.
  What time the kine shall forsake the stalls, What time the sheep shall forsake the folds, What time the goats shall ascend the mount of mist, May the tending of the Triad follow them,
May the tending of the Triad follow them.
  Thou being who didst give me birth, Listen and attend to me as I bow my head, Evening and morning as is becoming in me, In thine own Circle, O Goddess of Love.
In thine own Circle, O Goddess of Love.  

Document Copyright 1993, 1997 by Mike Nichols  


Danu, thou mother of the gods,
Bless our flocks and bearing kine;
Hate nor scathe let not come near us,
Drive from us the ways of the wicked.

Keep thine eye every Day of the Moon
On the bearing kine and the pairing queys;
On the Day of Mars, accompany us from hill to sea,
Gather thyself the sheep and their progeny.

On the Day of Mercury be with them,
Be thy gracious hand always about them;
On Jupiter's Day, tend the cows to their stalls,
Tend the sheep down to their folds.

On the Day of Venus be thou at their head,
Lead the sheep from the face of the bens,
With their innocent little lambs following them.
Encircle them with the Circle of the Goddess.

On Saturn's Day be likewise with them,
Bring the goats in with their young,
And from the rock of Aegir on high,
Bring every kid to the sea side on the Day of the Sun.

The strength of the Triad be our shield in distress,
The strength of Lugh, beginning his reign of peace,
The strength of Diancecht, physician of health,
And of the good Dagda, King of the Sidhe.
And of every other spirit who succeeded them
And earned the repose of the Kingdom under the Hills.

Bless ourselves and our children,
Bless every wish that comes from our loins,
Bless him whose name we whisper,
Bless her from whose womb came totality.

Every enchantment, blessing and power,
Be yielded to us every time and every hour,
In the name of the sacred Triad within,
Maiden, Mother, and Crone forever.

Be the earth to shield us upward,
Be the sky to shield us downward,
Be the Watchtowers to shield us roundward,
Accepting our Beltane blessing from us,
Accepting our Beltane blessing from us.

Document Copyright 1993, 1997 by Mike Nichols

Chant for Maypole

Oh, do not tell the priests of our Art
For they would call it sin,
But we shall be in the woods all night
A-conjuring summer in
And we bring you good news
By word of mouth
For women cattle and corn
Now is the sun come up from the south
With oak, and ash and thorn!

Chant for Maypole
(sung to tune of "A tisket a tasket")

Weave, weave, it is our fate we weave
By choice, not chance
With love and will
It is our fate we weave.

"Ring around the Rosy"

Ring around the Rosey
A pocket full of posies
Ashes, Ashes,
We all fall down!

Note: This is a medieval chant about the Black Plague. Be careful to
keep a child-like attitude for this one. There have been cases of
witches calling illness with this one.

Now Spring is Here

Now Spring is here
Let's all be gay
And the merry, merry pipes shall play
And we will raise our voices clear
Hail Joyous Spring
And in happy chorus we will sing

The Lord of The Dance

When she danced on the water
And the wind was her horn
The Lady laughed
And everything was born
And when she lit the sun
And light gave Him birth
The Lord of the Dance first appeared on Earth

So dance, dance, wherever you may be
I am the Lord of the Dance cried he
And I live in you if you live in me
And I'll lead you all in a dance said he

I dance in a circle when the flames leap up high
I dance in the fire and I never, ever die
I dance in the waves of the bright summer sea
For I am the Lord of the wave's mystery (chorus)

I sleep in the kernel and I dance in the rain
I dance in the wind and through the waving grain
And when you cut me down I care naught for the pain
In the spring I'm the Lord of the Dance once again

The horn of the Lady cast it's sound 'cross the plain
The birds took the notes and gave them back again
Til the sound of her music was the song in the sky
And to that song there is only one reply (chorus)

The moon in her phases and the tides in the sea
The feel of the earth and the seasons that will be
Are the beat of the dance and a pledge through the years
That the dance goes on through our joy and our tears (chorus)

They danced in the darkness and they danced in the night
They danced on the earth and everything was light
They danced out the darkness and they danced in the dawn
And the day of that dancing still goes on (chorus)

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