Evidence for non-material phenomena? Many people have had experiences that they interpret as involving contact with a non-material domain of spirit or soul. The Spiritual Experiences webring connects websites that are collecting accounts of such personal experiences. Details about the Spiritual Experiences Webring.

Spiritual Experiences Consortium
The Spiritual Experiences Consortium includes a group of websites that are collecting descriptions of personal experiences that are interpreted as contact with a spiritual domain or non-material entities (soul). Individuals who are interested in sharing and exploring spiritual experiences are encouraged to join the Consortium

Webring Members of the Spiritual Experiences Consortium:
1) The Science of the Soul wiki. Add your personal experiences to this wiki archive.
Wikicities status
2) The Soulistry Blog. News about progress towards a science of the soul.
3) The Wingmakers and Lyricus Science project. Attempting to detect changes in DNA resulting from spiritual experiences arising from exposure to the Wingmakers and Lyricus material.

Invited websites
The following websites would be great additions to the Spiritual Experiences webring
1) Out of Body Experience Research Foundation
2) The Lucidity Institute

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Scope of investigated phenomena
The Spiritual Experiences Consortium is taking a very broad view of what might be a "spiritual experience". Various people have taken many types of experience as evidence for a spiritual domain beyond the material world. All of the following can be interpreted as providing support for the existence of something beyond the conventional domain of science:
- Channeling (transmission of messages from non-physical entities(?) received by incarnated humans)
- Near death experiences (NDEs)
- Out of body experiences (OBEs)
- Multiple personalities
- Transformative, "born again", or other spiritual "awakenings".
- Dreams
- Deja vu experiences
- Past (or parallel) life recalls
- Interdimensional communications (with the dead)
- Automatic writing and drawing
- Indian shamanism and vision quests
- The feats of East Indian yogis and the Jansenists
- Telepathy and intuition
- Prayers bringing "miracles"
- Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
- Psychokinesis
- Telekinesis
- Spontaneous Human Combustion
- Water response to prayers and human emotions or intent.
(Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments and photos of water crystal changes)
- Synchronicity
- Telepathy

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