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Student project on the current movement to unify the concepts of "mind" and "brain", recent advances in neurotechnology, and the scientific philosophy of consciousness. Plutonic. Unifying Concepts of Mind and Brain.

Three ways of dealing with mind/brain: religion, philosophy, science.

Is the human brain a body/spirit interface, acting like a filter, which makes us forget past lives for example?

"I believe the assumption that
all cognitive activity takes place in the brain
arises from a set of presuppositions called Cartesian Materialism, which I think is responsible for many of the problems of classical European epistemology. I wrote several papers to lay the groundwork for an alternative to Cartesian materialism, although many of them may appear to touch on the subject only peripherally. Each of these papers was commented on by philosophers and/or scientists who have done work in similar areas, and I have replied to their commentaries as well."

Go to John Schmidt's home page dealing with how the brain makes mind and the scientific search for souls.