Farm Equipment Pictures

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E 20-35 1929 Allis Chalmers U Crawler

1930 Allis Chalmers U WC With Plow 1935 UC1937 UC
1939 RC 1936 WC (I might buy this one) Butch Hull's 1937 WC Wide Front

WD With Roto Baler WD With Gleaner 6 Combine Allis Chalmers B A Purple 1942 A-C C
Tom Adams Allis Chalmers 2 Old A-C Plows Ron & Carol Knarr's 1949 Speed Patrol

WD With 66 Combine 66 Combine With Corn Head WD-45 With All Crop Drill Tim's HD-5
Tim With His HD-5 Rick Nikolich's D-17 Rick Nikolich's 1959 D-12 Gideon Yakubovitch and his A-C G
Brian Lee's 1956 WD-45

D-17 With 100 Manure Spreader Allis Chalmers 180 D-15 With 90 Combine 1963 D-10
ED-40 With Roto Baler Allis Chalmers D-21 Mike Varner's 1964 D-15 Series 2 Mike Farrell's D-17 Series 4

Rick Nikolich's 1970 160 Allis Chalmers 175 Dennis & Paul McNamara's 1975 7040 Dennis & Paul McNamara's 1976 7000
Dennis & Paul McNamara's 1970 220 Dennis & Paul McNarara's 1971 210 Dennis & Paul McNarara's 1972 220

Dennis McNamara's 1980 185 Paul McNamara's 1985 8070

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