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Happy New Year


I'm currently living in a small rural community in Southwest Oklahoma, and it's hard to believe I've been here four years now. I'm slowly updating this website. I've given up adding links for a SW Oklahoma page. Truth to tell, I can't find much of anything in this area worth posting. I've left the Memphis Links because I still have my home and friends there. Most of those links should work fine, but I won't update any invalid links until I move back (if I do); the few that change, change often.

All my navigation links should link to pages now, even if some pages are blank. [NEW: I've redirected the Chat Link on this page to an IRC chat site: 'Bigger City,' and disabled the "About You" link on a couple of the inside pages. Geocities disabled the form mailer for us *non-paying* website users, so even if you completed the form, you couldn't send it.] I'm working on the "Travels" (currently just some quick winter snow pics for a few unbelieving friends), "Prose & Stories," and "Family" pages. I'm scanning maps, pictures, etc., but it's time consuming: I've lived extensively overseas and traveled on 4 continents. Also, I've been sidetracked doing genealogy. (I have several lines going back to the 1600's. It's amazing the amount of info you can gather on the internet.) I *was* helping a friend re-publish a novel (in addition to reading, critiquing, and editing several other of his un-published ones. He published a new one (A Killing in Paradise), then passed away. The re-publishing of the one I was working on, and the sequel (both now finished and ready) are currently in limbo, depending on heirs. Anyhow, if you think I'm someone you'd like to know, tell me about yourself in the guestbook or by emailing the webmaster (me). (Note - you'll have to take out some stuff in the email address).

Note to Yahoo Messenger Users (ettiquette and nettiquette)
(pardon me while I rant a bit)

You'll see me as Bull47 in various Yahoo Groups and can check my Yahoo Profile as Bull47 . You'll see me as John38111 on MSN, Windows Messenger, and a lot of the *Bear* websites. If you want to chat or add me to a Friends List, have a complete profile yourself. It's that simple. I provide my picture and information: I expect the same consideration and respect (and I do check profiles before replying). Let me repeat that: When I receive an unsolicited message from an unknown sender, I check the sender's profile. In each case, if the profile isn't filled in, I don't ask why or make rude comments. I simply ignore the request, delete the message, and most often, put the nickname on ignore. I do the same on requests to add me as a friend. Why, you may ask? Because on MY profile, I plainly state: "No profile, no chat, no exceptions, no apologies." I respect your privacy; I won't ask you to reveal more than you're comfortable sharing, but if you're at the secretive stage of life, we're a mismatch. It's frustrating for me to receive a "Hi" or request to add me to some 'Buddy List,' and when I check who it is, see a blank profile: no name, no age, no location, no status, no interests: zip, Nada, NOTHING. An anonymous entity simply doesn't interest me; please respect me, too.

If you're really, really insistent on communicating, you can always send an email with a photo and the profile information. But until I see it, I ain't interested. Period. And note: if you've sent a message in the past when your profile was blank, you're most likely in my ignore list.

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you can contact me by clicking below.

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I am John38111, see my Bear profile

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