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Welcome To Jayden's Site


This site is all about my son, Jayden. I've made it mainly for family members and friends, but anyone is welcome. Jayden is now 25 months old (the site has been up since he was 14 weeks old). He is growing so fast, and is as handsome as can be. So I hope y'all enjoy our online crib, it has taken me a while to put this all together.Pics, stories, and everything else related to Jayden will be added as I go along. I also hope to update every few days or so. Thanks for stopping by, and please sign the guestbook.



February 18 2004


  Website Up!

Most of the pages are up and running, check them out for recent updates on Jayden and Me!

May 11, 2004


Jayden's Pictures page has been updated as promised 2 gazillion times before. Um ya, so enjoy the newest pics, and there will be more coming. Stay tuned...


Newest Pics


June 2004


I am a former participant of Open the Door to Better Futures, a program run by the Region of Peel for single mothers to re-enter the workforce. Earlier this month, I was asked to attend a meeting with people from the Federal Government. It was a good opportunity to endorse one of the major forces that changed my life...Click Here


Current Stats - May 11, 2004


Here is Jayden's stats pages. It shows really, how much he has truly grown. Makes me very proud and sad at the same time...Updated



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