When you put your hands on Me

    Kristy tightly wrapped a skimpy, white towel around her body and ran a hand through her lengthy, damp hair, its usual light color changed to a darker one because of the water. She wiped away the mist from the bathroom mirror with her palm and smiled at her reflection. She was beginning her nightly routine of taking a shower and then simply relax on her bed, listening to music, watching TV. or reading a book.

She had already taken her shower but first, she needed to put her moisturizing crème on her face. She took out the bottle she needed from her small black cosmetic bag and opened it, squeezing out a bit of the content on her index finger. She looked up at the mirror to look at her face and applied the crème on her face of perfect complexion. Once she was finished, she put the bottle back in her small black cosmetic bag.

She picked up her hairbrush and began stroking it through her hair. She then started singing Christina Aguilera's "When You Put Your Hands On Me." I just know/ When you put your hands on me/ I feel sexy/ And my body turns to gold/ I just know/ When you put your hands on me/ I feel ready/ And I lose my self-control*

Goodness, that song's addictive, she thought just as she finished brushing her hair. She set the brush down and looked back at the mirror to check her appearance. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she found out that she was staring into the intense blue eyes of her boyfriend, Nick.

"Nicky, you scared the hell out of me," she said placing her hand on the left side of her chest, as if to calm her heart down. Yes, her heart was racing because she was surprised but just seeing Nick made her heart race even more.

"Sorry, babe," he apologized, encircling her slim waist with his strong arms. He placed his chin on her right shoulder and began swaying her body from side to side. "So, about that song you were singing... was it meant for me?" he whispered throatily in her ear.

Kristy shivered and felt her knees go wear at the mere sound of Nick's husky tone. She commenced running her hands up and down his arms, feeling the tone muscles beneath her palms. "Yeah, whom else would it be for?" she retorted in a low voice.

"That's good." Nick then placed his soft, ruddy lips against Kristy's neck and softly kissed it once... then twice... then thrice. His simple pecks turned to sucking on the skin and Kristy couldn't help but let a soft moan escape her mouth. His kisses traveled upwards towards her face, his lips landing on her cheek. He then turned her around and kissed her forcefully on the lips. His tongue snaked into her mouth slowly and entwined with hers.

As they kissed passionately, Nick commenced pushing Kristy in to the bedroom since the bathroom was adjoined with the bedroom. When they reached the room, Kristy pinned Nick against the wall and began undressing him, breaking the kiss. Her breathing was uneven as was his.

"You have way too much clothes on," she managed to breath out as she yanked his shirt off, his pants following suit. She kissed him once again, pressing her body against his. She could feel his erection poking her through the thin towel she was clad in.

"And that towel of yours is in the way," he mumbled against her lips. He then ripped the towel off of her body and sent it flying across the room. Kristy pulled her lips away and then slid down on her knees. She pulled off Nick's boxers and threw it beside her. She placed her hands on his erected cock and began stroking it, emitting a moan from him. She then flicked her tongue against the tip of his enlarged penis, tasting the saltiness of the pre-cum that oozed from it. She then took the tip between her teeth and started to nibble on it. She loved the sounds that were coming out of Nick's mouth as she continued to tease him with her mouth. She then felt Nick's large hands in her hair and also felt her head being pushed forward. She took at as a sign to take all of him in and she did. She heard Nick moan out her name loudly, his hands still entangled in her wet hair. She worked her mouth on him slowly, her lips enshrouding him, her tongue sliding up and down his length, her teeth nibbling on the delicate skin.

"Please, Kris, faster," Nick encouraged softly.

Kristy did as she was told and began to work on him faster. She felt his hips bucking forward and held him steady so that he wouldn't move so much. She continued to pleasure him with her mouth and only after a few more minutes, she felt him shudder as he felt an earth shattering orgasm wash over his whole body. She drank the salty liquids that flowed into her mouth, not missing one drop.

Kristy then kissed her way back up, planting soft pecks on his stomach and toned chest. After doing so, she kissed him lovingly on the lips. This time, her kiss was hungrier and displayed much more desire. After a few moments of heated kissing, Kristy pulled away, breathless.

"Nicky... I need you inside me," she whispered, her breath landing on his lips. She, too, can feel his warm breath on her face since their faces were so close.

Nick nodded and carried her in his arms and then gently laid her down on the bed. He carefully on top of her light frame and kissed her tenderly. His kisses traveled to her neck and began sucking on her pulse point. She felt her breath quicken and her womanly juices flowing from her center. His kisses then moved their way down an invisible trail the valley between her breasts. His lips moved to the side and began licking and sucking on her hardened nipple and then paid attention to the other. He heard her moaning and that only excited him more. He moved his kisses to her flat stomach and then started lick the skin with his wet tongue. After, Nick moved back up and kissed Kristy fully on the lips. He then positioned himself and slid his hardened cock into her slippery opening, projecting a loud moan from the both of them. He began moving inside her, letting out groans as she was. The pleasure began to overflow inside Kristy's body as Nick started to thumb her throbbing clitoris and she immediately broke into a violent orgasm, her vaginal walls clutching Nick's cock and quivering around his shaft. When he felt the pressure around his member, Nick, too, shook as a powerful climax took over his body for the second time that night. Their motions died down and Nick pulled out of Kristy. He pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head.

"I love you," he said, stroking her hair.

"I love you, too, baby," was Kristy's response.

The two lovers then succumbed to a deep slumber and so the night went.

The End


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