Once Upon A Summer's Night 


    Was it lust, fear, or curiosity that bought me by your side tonight?  My mind questioned itself, but to no answer my mind could sustain, so I was stuck.  The scent of fresh leather filled my lungs as I sigh at my discontent.  The squat hum of the engine is the only sound that could be heard as my thoughts brought me deep into the unknown, filled with questions but no one to answer them.  “Oh God, what is the point of this?”  I ponder another question as my eyes shift to your direction.  Our eyes meet and you grin sensing my discontent and childish patience.  I   bat my eyes and turn back to my window, returning my thoughts back into the dark scenery of planted pines and crab grass.  God only knew what your intentions were for me tonight so I was going to be left in dismay until we arrived at our destination.  My mind was playing solitaire unaware of you watching.  Your glance undressing my soft body to your pleasure.  Licentious thoughts embracing themselves in your mind like snips from a quality piece of porn.  My body pressed tightly against yours, electrified with hard thrust and passionate kisses, loud moans and glistening sweat.  The warmth of your fingertips trace down my exposed thigh and my eyes shift back at your direction with an unexcepting glance.  “We’re almost there.”  You try to ease the tension that I was slowly creating, but I just ignore you and go back to my previous state.  My frustrations ball in my head and I began to give myself a headache so I release them and give in to true boredom.  The smooth ride calms my nerves and slowly rocks me to sleep, until we end our journey.

                     A cool night’s breeze touches my skin and I am aware that we have arrived.  You extend your hand and led me to the shoreline.  The sight of it was beauty within itself.  A pearl moon a lined the sky casting its shadow onto the waved waters that rose onto the white sands.  Never such beauty have I seen in a night like this before.  I could feel as my eyes could see its every detail, without any fault to be discovered.  I move forward and leave you slightly behind, but you don’t seem to mind because you are left with the chance to capture a glimpse of my full magnificence.  I feel the chill of the water upon my toes; it awakes my senses as well as my emotions.  I felt liberated yet restrained, like a bird that was caged in a zoo, but I could not explain such an emotion in a simple word, then I felt your touch and the emotion was complete.  Bliss.  Is that what my heart felt as I stood there under the night’s sky?  Our eyes met again and the question was answered.  Then our lips met, first you glaze lightly over my in such a teasing manner before you allow your tongue to explore my mouth.  Such taste you have is sweet as honey.  Your lips so soft like honeydew.  Your tongue so talented like a renowned artist.  “Oh how I love thee.”  I whisper upon your lips as I break the kiss.  We stare into each other’s eyes uncovering the deepest depths of our souls.  Yours are like the world’s deepest ocean set in the sun’s golden horizon slightly pierced to show such a benevolent soul.  Another chill passes through us and moves your blonde locks into your eyes.  A small giggle escapes me and I gently move them from your eyes.  Through such a cool night our heat for one another is still present.  Never had a man made me feel such inspiration in my entire recollection.  He had a way with my attention that no other man had ever been able to obtain.  Just when I thought I would get bored out of my skull with him he does things like this.  How could I not love thee?  He smiled upon me like as if he could read my thoughts and brought me in for another kiss.  His hands discovered the backs of my thighs and lifted me up and I allowed my legs to wrap around him.  He convey me to a blanket he had set on the beach to protect us from the sand as he place himself on his knees to lay me down. 

My dress blew in the wind and my panty-less bottom was exposed to his view.  I blushed diffidently and hurried to push my dress back down but he would not allow it.  Instead he pushed my dress up more before finally exposing of it.  He undressed himself slowly as I watched intensely, admiring what was truly mine.  The warmth of his body slid between my thighs increasing the wetness that stirred within me.  His lips planted soft kisses on my collarbone my fingers woven into his sun-tainted locks.   You continue on your way down, I feel your breath on my breast and nipples, as you capture one into your mouth.  I moan in delight at your endowed actions as you continue to do the same to my other breast.  My body is ablaze with the thought of you being inside of me, thrusting madly into my twat, my muscles clinched tightly around your dick.  My back aching, my twat throbbing, and your soft sweet lips upon mine.  I am tickled with anticipation that my lustful philosophy brings about.  I am once again pulled into the lights of reality as I feel your lips upon the sensitive skin of my inner thighs.  Your fingertips ever so lightly stroking the backs of my scorching thighs.  You heighten my eagerness as you gently blow onto my inner core.  My body is chilled by a pasting night wind and I shiver at its clement.  My senses are stuffed; nothing else in all the worlds seems to matter at this very moment, unless the heavens its self came crashing down.  Just you and I, engaged in the battle of profound love.  The very so tip of your tongue plays in my twat.  “Oh.”  I echoed through the summer’s night as you continue to trace upon my inner lips.  My body is reaching extraordinary levels of pleasure, for which I never felt with another.  You are quite so unique from them; so artistic and divine in such a way I never thought that a man could be.  I tighten around you.  Oh what saccharine temptations your body brings upon me.  Your tongue deepens and I feel myself flood your mouth and you lick upon my sweet nectar.  I quiver with excitement.  Beams of silver moon glow onto to my perspired frame.  You capture your lips with mine and I taste myself within you.  “Do you want me love?” he asks just to tease my senses.  It was evident how deep my desire was for him.  Oh how our beauty illuminates the night in such an agradable splendor.  I cast my sight into the dusk and find myself fixated on your angelic exquisiteness moments before I feel you.  You enter me slowly; very unlike what I had expected.  Our limbs entangle within each other.  Your pace increased and my climax heightens.  How could peccadillo feel so pleasurable?  Our souls have now become one as I reach my climax and soon after I feel you reach your own.  Now we lie upon the coastal front.  I close my eyes and leave my ears to work for me.  I hear the waves rise slowly on the shores.  The dusk is ending and the dawn will soon arrive.  We must go now.  He dresses himself, as I lie naked for the entire world to see and watch him.  When he is through with himself he then dresses me and carries me back to the car.  No words could be used to describe what we felt on our return.  Just bashful stares and exhausted grins, but then we arrive and he has something that he wants to say.  I look alert and await his words.  “Don’t ever doubt my love for you, Liz.”  He speaks softly and I reply.  Nunca, Nicholas, Nunca.”  


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