Ah!  This is my favorite place in the whole house for three reasons.  1)  It's mine.  2)  It's mine and 3)  Brian looks really good on my bed.  Enjoy!  hehehe.


My Vizzies

Silence, Silk, and Velvet

I think the name is pretty self explanatory, don't you.

The Challenge

Cruz thinks she's pretty hot shit, can someone prove her otherwise.  maybe...maybe not. hehehe.

Out of the Ordinary

All American meets the Bronx's in a place she's never thought she would meet someone so out of her ordinary.

Devious Intentions

Innocent...I think not.   Well at least this girl knows how to get what she wants.   ** what a girl wants, what a girl needs hehehe**

It could be worse...right?! 

Could things just get a little worse for Liz.  I hope not!  Remember girls rule number one, never date the jealous type especially if he has psycho ass friends.  

Once upon a summer's night

"How could not love the?"   Love was a rare thing for this girl, until he came.

Un sueno

This is my favorite out all my vizzies, just read **sobs** I need time alone.  hehehe

Sin...yeah right

I  see these two can find better things to do in school.  a little sex education I see hehehe.

Confidential Obsessions

Oh my my my.  I have obsessions too but damn.

Within a Desire

"He is within a desire."  Damn and he is in my desire too hehehe.


My Fiction

Heartache In Paradise

Jamillah thought she lost the love of her life forever and settles for another but little did she know, heartache would soon invade her paradise. 




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