The earth seemed very unpleasant tonight, and even the wind brought out an eerie haze through her lungs, or was she just being paranoid.  What woman wouldn’t be, I mean we’ve seen it countless times of the evening news:  young woman walking alone at night severely…let’s not go on.  But that was the case tonight for this young lady.  She hadn’t expected for the battery to give out, especially on a night like this.  It was unsettling cold and damp, a night when humanly instincts would definitely tell you that something was going to go wrong, but Nadia decided to let her mind refrain from that matter, as she fiddled with the terminals hoping for anything to happen, but still after 20 minutes of fiddling nothing.  “Dammit where’s a cell phone when you need one.”  Nadia muttered slamming the hood of her car.  It was now obvious that the only thing left to do is walk to the nearest phone.  Even though her mind was saying, “But Nadia it’s dark as hell, and your near the woods, are you fucking crazy.”  But she had little to no choice, so she reluctantly retrieved a napkin from the glove compartment and secured it in the window, then tried just one last time to get her car to start, but no cigar.

        As she walked hungry eyes watched through the night, sizing up their prey.  “Took it longer enough.”  The southern one remarked.  He had plotted on this one for quite so time now.  Watching her daily route day and night for the past two months, her knew more about her then her own boyfriend.  And it all started because of those eyes, just one look and he knew he had to have her.  They were simply the most beautiful pair of sapphire blue eyes he had ever seen, shit they even glowed he thought.  “Well at least no one’s around.”   



She isn’t the first if that’s what you’re thinking, but one upon many.  Hunted down just like all the rest:  single beautiful female alone after dark.  It was an opened invitation to something you wouldn’t willingly be a part of, but to them that was the best part of it.  Your refusal would only excite them more and as they awaited their next victim with hungry eyes and watering mouths in the murky shadows created by dusk, Brian seemed more eager then usual seeing that tonight was his pick.  His small aqua eyes stared into the night awaiting someone of his approval, and Nick’s patience began to unravel  “What’s wrong with her or even her?”  Nick pointed to two women exiting the office building.  “Too fat…too pale.”  Brian answered flatly looking onward.  It had been over two hours now of searching the city streets but still no keepers.  He had it set in his mind that he would know her when he sees her, but the night was getting hopeless and if he didn’t hurry soon it would be pointless.  Brian placed his head down on the steering wheel and exhaled.  “What a night.”  He thought as rested his eyes for a moment before nick interrupted again.  “Nice…Brian what about her?”  Nick said looking at the slim female that just came out the door.  From the looks of her, she was about 19 or 20 years old, pretty slender, mahogany hair with a little blond in it, and when Brian got a good look at her eyes he was instantly in love.  They were beautiful; sapphire blue if he wasn’t mistaken, shit they even glowed he thought.  “Her right.”  Nick smiled as he watched Brian’s face light up.  Brian just nodded.  They watched her wrap herself in her coat and quickly walk to her car to get out of the cold.  “ You want her now or do you want to follow her home?”  Nick asked.  Brian thought for a second before coming to the conclusion that now would be the best time, who knows where she’s going after this.  “Now…you know what to do.”  Brian answered and Nick quickly moved to back of the truck for small stud on the floor.


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