“What’s long, red and a lot more fun to squeeze than toothpaste?"


My face as well as my ass to be honest…what you don’t get it.  See I knew it wouldn’t be that easy, you know complying with a phrase as simple as the one I just asked, just leaving your asses scratching your heads.  As you may not know Cruz has never been one to be labeled as a tease, so I’ll be the one (excuse the pun) to shed a little light… or should I say sun on this dim-witted riddle…


Damn it was hot and my clothes had come down to nothing more than a bikini top and I guess you could call them shorts.  Sweat glistening bodies displayed Florida’s finest…cattle, whose bodies flopped carelessly in the sun.  The whole scene could be summed up in two words “National” and “Geographic”.  And at the sight of some of these folks it seemed that the last thing that they needed was some u v rays, but who was I to judge, wasn’t I just as guilty as the rest of the cattle.  Not to give false impressions, but I do have an OK body…from what I was told countless times, and that was far from what I could say for the rest of the herd.  And you would wonder why the hell was I out here anyways complaining up a storm when my race had already granted me with a life-long tan.  Well you’ll see shortly; believe me good things comes to those who wait, believe me I found that out today.


Anyways…so there I flopped under my large umbrella and every once and awhile my eyes would scan the sand for something to, how should I say…”Entertain” me.  And from the looks of it today was sure as hell going to be a challenge.  “Has the day deceived me?” I muttered removing the yellow tint from my eyes.  I could fit every male on this coast in either one of these categories:  too young, too old, too gay, too taken, etc., etc., etc.  I sighed at my defeat and laid effortlessly on my towel.  After boredom had succumb my body I found myself in a luminosity daydream, but that moment of peace was soon distracted by one of the cattle that strayed from their herd.


“You’re in my fucking light!” I snapped before even confronting the delinquent.  The figure had stopped all movement by now and I could sense their eyes looking down at my body.  “Are you always such a bitch?” I heard a raspy voice chuckle.  My eyes flew open at the word bitch.  It wasn’t the word itself but the tone he put it in that infuriated me the most, so nonchalant like as if we had known each other for years.  I felt my eyes become daggerish slits as I turned my body, lifting myself from the towel, and before our eyes even met I explained in complete clarity how I felt about him, or at least began.  “Bitch?!  Look you fucking cow I…” I stopped unable to say another harsh word.  First the element of shock filled my eyes and then rage filled his.  I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t believe what I just referred to, as a cow was in deed my challenge.  “Dammit!”  My mind echoed.  I felt like I was reduced to the age of twelve with the look that he was giving me.  Regardless my pride refused to let me rebuttal and I pursued my trail of arrogance.


“I said you were in my light.”  I repeated firmly.  My neck moved with every word that left my mouth, but that intimidating grin never left his lips.  God he is gorgeous.  God please help me get this, this, this gorgeous piece of sex to forget the stupid shit I just blurred to his fine ass.  My thoughts were soon shattered as the features in his face softened at my imperceptive look.  “Should I just say you didn’t know whom you were speaking to?”  He whispered in my ear.  My eyes cast toward the sky as I mouthed a thank you and bobbed my head stupidly. 


Now this is the real boring part…you know…he romances me…we exchange numbers…I wait for him to call…we set up a date.  You see with the magic of writing, like a VCR I can fast-forward all that shit and get on with the good part.  OK on with the story!


During dinner we’re acting up so badly I think we were making people sick.  I grind my hips in his lap just to keep his “attention” focused.  At the moment no one was in control of the lust at this table and frankly I didn’t give a fuck.  I WANT HIM SO…DAMN…BAD.  My body is on fire and we are just seconds from being asked to leave our table, so we leave before the hassle.  In the car all you felt was sex and to my surprise we made it to his home still fully clothed, but not for long.  He opened my side of the door and tossed me over his shoulder like I was a doll.  I giggled feverishly and if you didn’t trail our actions that night you could have sworn I was drunk.  I was carried to his bedroom and thrown on the bed in a fit of annoying hysteria.  He walked slowly around the bed, sizing me up from the looks of it.  My annoying laughter subsided and I tried to appeal exotic but the smile wouldn’t leave my face.  He rotated back to face me and with “that” grin he questioned my memory.  “Do you remember the first day we met Cruz?”  He asked kneeling onto the bed.  “Um…yeah.  We were surrounded by cattle.”  I chuckled spreading my legs slightly.  “So you remember the first words you said to me?”  He asked raising his brow.  “You’re in my fucking light.”  I burst in a fit of giggles, rolling on the bed.   “You know I have never, never had a girl talk to me like that without any “punishment”.”  He said only inches from my face.  The look in his eyes was enough as far as I was concerned, but I knew he was going to turn me out.


He pulled my arms from under me and crawled over my body.  I said nothing, for I knew it was effortless.  He was the one to dominate, never the other way around.  And if so the relationship would never last; too many conflicts in interest.  It was in his eyes, they said it all.  He ran his hands roughly up my sooth thighs.  The feel of his hot hands against my chilled flesh brought chills up my spine.  My teeth shuddered and my eyes closed tightly under his will.  He bought my dress up higher exposing my shear thong to his view.  “Shaved?”   He asked acknowledging my hairless clit.  “Just for you.”  I smiled licking my lips playfully.   “Don’t worry I’ll put that to work soon enough”.  The anticipation rolled in my belly as he removed his shirt and unbuckled his belt.  My eyes concentrated on his crotch line, stimulating the juices in my pussy.  I was beyond horny, as a matter of fact; “fuckedoutragous” would be more like it.  He kicked off his shoes and socks and proceeded in the removal of his pants and boxers.  My hips rolled at my view.  It was all that I was dreaming of plus some.  You want two words to sum him up um…”THICK” and “HUGE”.  I moaned feeling his cock rest on my inner thigh as he laid upon me.  He challenged my tongue to a passionate duel allowing his hands to explore for themselves.  They eventually found their way to my thong and peeled it from my body, leaving nothing to block our way.  The kiss was broken and the most insidious grin appeared on his lips.  “Goodnight Cruz.”  He whispered to me softly.  “What?”  I had to ask because I knew there was no way in hell he was doing this to me.  “This is your punishment, goodnight.”  He repeated flatly getting up off the bed.  “AJ…AJ I WILL KILL YOU!!!” I screamed falling off the bed and landing on my ass.  I was rocked, I couldn’t believe this out of all things was my “punishment”, I would have rather been spanked…shit this was torture.  “I’m going to shower and go to bed.  If you can’t handle that I’ll take you home if you like.”  He said but this time you could see the laughter in his eyes.  “I’m fine…AJ please, I’m sorry, please.”  I begged crawling over to him with my sore ass in the air.  “Adorable but it ain’t getting you nowhere.”  He turned from me and went into the bathroom.  That night he even had the nerve to squeeze my ass goodnight…BITCH!  


So you want to know what’s long, red and a lot more fun to squeeze than toothpaste?  According to AJ my ass and cheeks, ha fucking ha ha!







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