Warmth seemed to spread over him, all the way down his body. He turned his head, a quizzical expression in his eyes. He felt eyes upon him, but couldn’t pinpoint the source.

With a shrug he tried to return his attention to the boring man at the podium. Trying not to yawn, he felt his eyes getting heavy. Suddenly though, the warm feeling spread over him again. He shivered in spite of himself and turned his head to the right.

A pair of the most beautiful green eyes smiled at him. Nick gasped to himself and blinked as he sat up straight in his chair. He couldn’t tear his eyes away. The eyes danced, sparkled and filled him. The same warmth he’d felt just a moment ago radiated from them. Finally, he forced himself to unlock his gaze.

She was breathtaking. Long dark brown hair hung straight to the middle of her back. Slight wispy bangs brushed her forehead. She wore a dark green velvet dress and it hugged her fit, curvaceous form perfectly. At first glance, she could have passed for 25, but a closer inspection of her face revealed laugh lines around her eyes. The teen guessed her about 34.

He licked his lips and blinked. The woman’s eyes glittered and a soft smile crept over her lips. He couldn’t help but smile with her.

The sound of applause shook him out of his revere. He looked at the podium and realized the speech was over. Politely, he clapped. He then turned his head to catch her reaction.

She was gone.

Though he couldn’t explain why, his heart fell. He glanced around but didn’t see her anywhere. "Maybe you imagined her Carter." His brain said.

With a sigh he put his head down and fidgeted with his silverware. He wanted to go.
"You’re a flighty thing aren’t you?" A low, husky voice teased.

Startled, Nick’s head whipped up. Immediately he smiled again delighted to take her in once more. She returned the gesture, clearly as pleased as he.
"You didn’t answer me." She teased further. The teen blushed slightly.
"I-I’m sorry." He replied hoarsely.
"Mmm..." her voice purred. "What a lovely voice."

This made Nick blush further. The woman seemed to relish it.
"Umm... Thank you." The teen managed to say.
"My..." The woman pressed. "Nice voice, polite AND gorgeous! A triple threat."

Nick lowered his eyes to the table, not comfortable with the undue praise. And yet, her words did something to him.

Her soft hand tenderly caressing his face made him look up. She still stood in front of him, still smiling.
"I’m sorry. Did I embarrass you?"
The youth barely nodded. "It’s ok."
The woman’s smile froze, then turned devilishly evil. "Then I’m certain I’ll embarrass you further when I say that I’ve been watching you all night."
"I know." Was all he could manage.
She seemed surprised that that didn't bother him. "Really! You know, I was going to leave. But instead, I had to come back. I wanted to tell you something."
Nick swallowed hard. "And what’s that?" He asked hesitantly.

With this, she leaned forward seductively, placing her hands on the table. She arched her back slightly so her breasts stuck out and slowly licked her lips. "If I was given the chance, I would love the opportunity to give you the most laviscious blow job." She hissed.

The blond’s heart seemed to thud in his chest at her words. He took a deep breath to steady himself as the full impact of her words sunk in.

She bit her lip, her gaze turning demure. Did she have him?

Without another word Nick stood and walked forward, stopping when he was electrifyingly close to her. She looked up at him, a "come hither" expression in her eyes. He gazed down at her, and it seemed as if he was waging an internal battle. She was praying she’d be the victor.

Finally, he leaned forward and lowered his head till his lips barely brushed her ear. "Room 615. Follow me in 5 minutes."

And with that, he turned around strode purposely out of the room.


It was the longest five minutes of her life. She’s saddled up to a couple of acquaintances hoping to make it fly faster. She laughed and pretended to be interested in what they were saying. It was all a ruse. The only thing she could think about was what she’d said to the handsome young teen and how he’d responded. Did she dare go through with it?

Finally excusing herself, she made her way to the elevators. She waited until an empty car arrived before she got on. Twice she had to stop at a different floor because someone else would get on and she didn’t want anyone to know what she was doing. Eventually, however, she was alone and stopped at the 6th floor.

As soon as the doors opened, she was greeted by a large black man. He looked like a linebacker. She guessed he was one of the Boys’ bodyguards. He looked at her, raising his right eyebrow. "Can I help you?" He said.
"Umm, Nick asked me to-"
With a quiet grunt the huge man stepped out of her way. "Go ahead." He said politely.

She thanked him and started down the hallway looking at the numbers on the doors. Turning a corner, she almost ran into another huge man, but this one was white. He smiled when he saw her. Without a word he jutted his head to the right indicating a door. The woman figured that was the teen’s room.

It was. And the door was ajar. She ran her hands over her body smoothing the dress and her hair before she gently pushed the door open.

He was sitting in a large overstuffed chair, sipping a soda. His blue eyes flashed as they met hers, and he grinned.
"Glad you could make it." He said and she was amazed at the tone of his voice. The shy innocence was gone, replaced by raw sensuousness.
"I wouldn’t miss this for the world!" She declared wickedly dropping her purse on the bed nearest the door.
"Can I get you something to drink?" He asked gentlemanly.
She laughed. "You’ve got what I want to drink honey." She cooed.
He smiled, knowing full well what she was implying. "Thirsty?" He continued setting his soda down.
"Parched." She replied walking towards him. They met in front of the back bed, her hands immediately going to his chest where she rubbed and caressed. "Oooh, you are a beautiful boy!"

Nick said nothing to this, just allowed himself to enjoy her.

The woman ran her fingernails over his throat, he tipped his head back slightly and closed his eyes. "Nick?" She said and immediately he lowered his head.
"What is it Jana."
"How do you know my name?" She asked surprised.
The teen chuckled. "Does it matter?"
She nodded. "No. I guess not. Just threw me off guard."

What seemed like a growl erupted from deep within the young man as he reached forward, grabbed the woman by the back of her head and pulled her to him. "Enough of the idle chat. You came here for a reason. And that reason is me." He hissed his lips centimeters from her. "If you want to talk that's fine. But, I thought you had something else in mind."

Jana grinned and decided to answer the teen by leaning forward and licking his lips with her tongue. Nick laughed languidly as he sat down on the edge of the bed.
"Strip." He commanded.

"Quite a demanding tone from one so young!" The woman playfully remarked. But the teen didn't respond. Just looked at her challengingly. Jana immediately began to slowly and seductively remove her shoes, then her nylons, her panties. Then she unzipped her dress and slowly pulled it off her shoulders letting it fall to a heap on the floor. She stepped out of it and with a final flourish removed her bra.

His eyes roamed over her taking every inch in. She found herself flushing and becoming moist. His expression… so sexual. She hardly believed such intensity could come from so young a man.
"Do I please you?" She finally asked quietly.
"Mmm…" He replied his eyes lingering on her ample breasts. "Yeah…"
Her nipples hardened at his gaze. She grinned. "I want what I came for Nick Carter." She said in mock menace.

The teen raised an eyebrow and lay back on the bed resting on his elbows. "Here I am." He finally remarked.

That was all she needed to hear. Cat like, she prowled towards him until they were both lying down, her at his side. She kissed him hotly and fiercely as her hands roamed everywhere. His chest, stomach, throat, hands, thighs. Ever so often, she'd stray to between his legs where she'd give the ever-growing bulge in his pants a playful, sexy squeeze.
"Mmm…" The teen murmured as her fingernails gently raked over his cock.
"Feels good don't it honey." Jana purred. "Just wait till my hot, wet mouth has your cock surrounded!" And she squeezed again.
Nick gently groaned. "Any time baby…" he invited.

Jana was ready. She'd been ready for the past five years. Ever since she'd first been to a concert and had seen him on the stage. She'd wanted him then. And it was much worse now! With a demonic grin, she began kissing his chest. Slowly and deftly she moved down, her kisses traveling lower and lower. Eventually she placed herself between his legs. With a sigh she bent her head and planted a light string of kisses all along the bulge. She was rewarded with a moan from the young man.
She had to giggle. "Just wait Nicky…" she thought to herself. "Just wait."

With agonizing slowness she undid his belt and then unzipped his jeans. She kissed his lower abdomen and then, hooking her fingers around the waistband of the silk boxers he wore, she began to pull them down kissing as she went.

A moment later and his hard manhood sprung up hard as a rock. He wasn't exceptionally long, but he was thick, the cock head purple and swollen. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.
"Very nice…" Jana said muttering her approval. "Yes…" And with that she again lowered her head and planted a soft kiss right on the very tip of him.

Nick moaned. Low and throaty. He grasped the bed sheets as he felt his heart lurch with each touch of her lips. Jana began licking him. Long tongue strokes up and down his whole length. This drove the boy mad. He thrust his hips forward, wanting her to take him fully in.

After a few more teasing kisses and licks, she placed her lips at the very tip of his cock. Opening her mouth wide and taking a deep breath, she wrapped her lips over his throbbing member, taking him all the way to the back of her throat.
"Oh God yeah!" Nick softly cried out as he felt her engulf him. His heart slammed to the same beat as her sucking.

Jana moved her head up and down, her mouth and tongue playing his manhood like a well-tuned instrument. He tasted fantastic. Fresh and… YOUNG tasting. She felt herself moisten more as she continued her assault on him. Up and down. Long, hard, fast strokes. She reached up with her right hand and grasped the base of his cock, started pumping it with the same rhythm as her lips.
"Oh… sweet… God…" The blond hoarsely whispered. "Oh yeah baby. Suck it like that…"

And the woman was only too happy to oblige. She continued with her same pace. Not wanting to vary too much as she knew this would only delay his pleasure. That was, after all, the reason she was there.

"I'm sucking his cock…" she said to herself. "I am lying in bed, deep throating the cock of Nick Carter." This thought made her even wetter. It also fueled her to further pleasure him. A sudden idea dawned on her. Slowing her strokes, she gently placed her teeth on his manhood on ran them up the full length of him. When she got to the head, she nibbled on it, carefully so as not to hurt or bruise him.

Nick arched his back and gently cried out, the feeling was too much. He'd had one other blowjob before, but it was NOTHING like this. She knew. She seemed to know exactly what he liked, what he wanted. What turned him on and drove him wild. He felt her teeth rake against him again as his soul turned to mush. "Oh…"

Jana grinned and suckled just the tip of Nick's cock. She ran her tongue over the head, sticking the tip of it into the hole. "Does my Nicky like this?" She asked with another playful lick of her tongue.
"Oh yeah… " He barely rep lied before taking a deep breath.

The woman knew she'd brought him to the edge. Now it was time to take him over. She grasped his cock tightly with her hand. It felt like a tree trunk. With hard, measured strokes she moved her hand up and down as her lips and tongue played with the head. She could taste the sweet pre-cum as it began to seep out and this only served to make her try harder. She nibbled and bit at the tip and along the underside, making sure not to hurt him, but rather cause him erotic pain.

The teen gasped and fully arched his back. He began thrusting his hips forward in an attempt to have more of her hot mouth on him. His hands ached where he grabbed the sheets, and his head thrashed from side to side. He felt a fire begin between his legs and longed for her to fully take him.
"Oh God Jana…" he whispered. "Make me cum…"

And she did. With another barrage of licks, nibbles and kisses, eventually the blond couldn't stand it anymore. With a hoarse cry he had his orgasm, milky white cum drizzling out of his cock rather than shooting out. The woman licked it all up like a lollypop, enjoying the taste of it and of him.

As he lay panting in the afterglow of the moment, she stood, licked her lips, and made sure she'd gotten every drop of his sweet substance off her lips and mouth. He opened his eyes already knowing that she was going to leave, but not wanting her too. However, that was best. She dressed quickly, then redressed him. She bent down and kissed him languidly. He tasted himself and it excited him again.

She looked down at him and ran her fingers through his blond locks. "You're beautiful. Don't ever let someone tell you differently."
He smiled. "Thank you."

She sauntered towards the door, stopping only to grab her purse. She opened the door and turned back one more time.
"No. Thank you."

And then she was gone.


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