Riley 9 Kestrel
A Restoration Diary

29th October 2006

Here's some more pictures of interior trim for our good friend in Northern Ireland. First picture illustrates the covered trims that run along the top and down the back edge of the rear door. This covers the tack line securing the rear quarter panel and the Furflex. This also illustrates the way in which the quarter panel of grey Union Cloth is pulled and tacked in to obtain a uniform curve. Note further cover slip which runs across the top of the rear window frame.

This next photo was taken through the rear window aperture (the glass is not fitted yet because of the problems of equating the glass size, the Register's rubber trim and the aperture size. In fact, my car had shaped hardwood trims which obviously lined the rear window reveal. So the Register rubber profile would be redundant. Has anybody else got the same detail?). Back to the script, this photo illustrates the way in which the headlining dresses round the cross-piece behind the sunroof and its relation to the side quarter panels and cover strips.

The next picture is of the seat backs. The philosophy has been to use as much of the original seat leatherwork as possible. This has involved repairing one or two sections of fluting. Where leather has been beyond repair, new panels have been made and sewn in. The seat backs which are of carpet, were found to be rotten but the fluted front panels were restorable. When backs and fronts were originally made, they would have been machined together with the materials inside-out. This is obviously not possible when the fluted leather is old and no longer as supple as new leatherwork. So the back has been stitched to the front panels by hand. The piping detail has been achieved by 'binding' the edge of the carpet in a leather trim to emulate piping. This has been very successful and has prevented further damage to the front panels.

We close this photographic session with three external shots. Wheels have been blasted, extensive spoke replacement, repainted and new tyres fitted. Its really beginning to look like a Kestrel!

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