European MiSTies: Good news!

A special offer from quamp


There is a place near me that will convert NTSC tapes to PAL. Therefore, you can watch these tapes. I also realize that you have only seen 3 or 4 episodes and that I already have these tapes. Therefore, I will accept International Money Orders for these tapes. The cost is: Cost is now $8 flat!(here's a handy online converter so you know how much to send.) Thus I am not making a profit on this, but I am doing this for the benefit of my fellow MiSTies in Europe that want to see many of the shows that are not available there. (This includes all possible KTMAs, and most comedy channel/comedy central episodes, along with many sci-fi episodes.) Now for the bad part of this: tape conversion takes about 2-3 weeks, so don't hold your breath waiting for the tapes. Also, I will not send tapes out until I have the IMO in my hands. I will e-mail you with all the details of where to send the IMO along with other things. I am a reputable trader and have left several satisfied customers in my wake. Please note that I, quamp am doing this. Icehole is not participating in this program. So please e-mail quamp only, and not Icehole.


If you do have a tape that I don't have and wish to trade, I'll do that as well. The only restrictions are that tapes must be complete (no missing intros, end credits, stingers, etc.) and in good condition (no excessive tracking problems, soft sound, jumping picture, color problems, etc.) The tapes are on maxell and in SP mode only for European viewers.


Please also note we are taking money only from European viewers at this time. US/Canadian people who want to purchase tapes should visit or visit


Now that I've bored you to tears, Here's the episode list.


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