Icehole and Quamps MST3K trading site

The Comic Book MiSTing Orphanage is no more.

Nobody has visited this site in quite awhile, and I haven't updated it in awhile either.

PLEASE READ THE RULES Completely before sending me e-mail! You'd be amazed at how many people have been expecting something that was contrary to the rules.

Back in business again! ++J
Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Instead, Quamp and I are using this site to complete our MST3K tapes. Here's what we have and what we need

European Misties!! click this!

Our requirements are this: We want tapes to be complete (No missing end credits, stingers, etc.) If it has tracking problems, we want to know about that in advance. If it's a very poor copy, we don't want it. If it's missing parts, we don't want it. We don't care if it has commercials in it or not.

Thanks to a number of people trampling over our goodwill, I have been forced to institute this rule: Intital trades will be one-for-one only, with follow-ups being as many as you want. We have had too many people promise us tapes and not deliver, or deliver tapes that were incomplete or of such inferior quality that they cannot be dubbed. For those of you that we have already struck deals with: This does not apply to you.

What we will do: We will send you what you want, complete unless our copy is missing something. Our copies will have no commercials in them. Unless you specify otherwise, single tapes will be in SP format on one tape, and multiple episodes will be in EP format, with 2-3 episisodes per tape. They will be on JVC casettes unless you specify a different brand.

It is very important to mark packages "Video cassette - Do not X-ray or expose to magnetic fields!" The post office near me has an MRI scanner, and they routinely scan packages in it. I've gotten a couple of tapes that were almost erased and some that were completely erased because of this. L

Can't decide what to get? Click this to get a brief overview of the episodes I have to trade. WARNING: there are some spoilers in this!

We've been fans of MST3K for awhile now, and we're looking to complete our list of MST3K tapes. As a special bonus, if you're looking for some tapes, e-mail me and I'll post it here.

Last frequently asked question: no, at this time, I do not take money for tapes if you live in the USA. If you wish to purchase tapes in the USA, visit or visit Hayce's MST3K episodes.

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