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I can't tell you what Hanson has done in my life with just a webpage... so this is just a simple start. Five years of my life is owed to these boys, Isaac, Taylor, and Zachary Hanson. It started when I was ten years old and it hasn't stopped yet. I believe that a band as talented as they are, deserves as many years and as much love as I have given them and more! I don't like them because they're gorgeous... although they are... I like them... excuse me, I love them, because they are talented. They are three musicians with a God given ability to create incredible music and are blessed with amazing voices. Not only do they play their own instruments but they don't dance onstage like most bubble gum bands. Hanson isn't so much a bubble gum band anymore. They have launched their style into a whirlwind of different, creatives styles. A little more rock and a little less bounce. They are seeing things through more mature eyes and a developed sense of style. Give it up for Hanson, because they deserve it!
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Most of the content on this page are Hanson pictures. Of course, I will always throw in my input and comments. I also won't hesitate to tell you some of the things I do that involve Hanson.
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I am an avid Hanson roleplayer. Whether it be inside instant messages or on my online clubs, I roleplay Hanson. Check out the link to the roleplays where I'll explain it better for you.
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