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Do you know the past,
Of the girl who's skin, once was fair?
Do you know the future,
Of the girl with the golden blonde hair?
Does she have one?
Do you care?
Would you weep,
If she died in her sleep?
Or would you wave,
As she was lowered into her grave?
A Lily or a Rose?
Is the white always pure?
Is the red always blood?
Can you lay one down,
To show she was loved.
Or does no one love her?
Is she alone in this world?
She only wants a flower,
Longing, for a bit of power.
Lay one on her grave,
A Lily or a Rose?
Is she pure, or is she blood?
A Lily or a Rose?

3rd of November 2000

Welcome to my site

I am a survivor of abuse and bullying and my aim is to build a site which can be used as a resource for people dealing with mental health, bullying and abuse/trauma issues.  It is also for people who would like to find out more - perhaps to help a family member or friend who is dealing with issues such as these.  I just want to make a place where people can find friendship, support and understanding when they feel like no one cares or wants to listen.  I hope that this can be a way for me to let out my feelings and begin to heal and to help others with my own experiences along the way.

Another aim of my website is to provide a place where people can share their creative side.  Poetry, stories, drawings - anything goes.  Many of my pages will be based around poems I have written, as this one is, and I have a page where people can share their own poetry and writings with others.  Reading other people's stories and poetry can be very helpful for some people as it just helps them to feel that little bit less alone.  Please send me anything you feel you would like to share and see up on my site, I really love reading other people's poetry and writings.

A Lily Or A Rose?
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