What To Do If You Are Being Bullied
Here are some suggestions on what to do if you are being bullied.  They will not work for everyone, but hopefully they will be useful for some.  There is one thing you must remember if you are being bullied, and that is - IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT AND THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FACE THIS ON YOUR OWN.
The most important thing that you can do if you are being bullied is to tell someone. Tell a friend what is happening - it may be harder for bullies to pick on you if you have a friend with you for support.  More importantly though, you must tell an adult.  It will be very hard for you to do, but it will be no harder than living with the bullying everyday and hoping that it will stop sometime.  If you tell someone at school, the school may have an anti-bullying procedure which they can put into action.  The same goes for work related bullying.  Just as long as you tell someone, who can support you and help you.  It is not wrong to "tell" on bullies, because they are in the wrong and you can't let people get away with hurting you and other people.
Try to ignore the bullies or say "No" really firmly, then turn and walk away - Don't worry if people think you are running away, this is not what you are doing.  Remember, it is hard for a bully to carry on bullying someone who won't stand and listen.
Try not to show that you are upset or angry - This is extremely hard to do but very often people will leave you alone when you give them no reaction.  I found this approach not to work, but I think it depends on what type of bullies you are dealing with.  They can't bully you if you show that you don't care.  It will hurt inside, but anything is worth a try.
Try to avoid being alone in places where you know that a bully is likely to be - This might mean changing your route to school, avoiding parts of the playground or school, and only using common rooms and toilets when other people are there.  It is not fair that you have to do this, but it could put the bullies off.  This is not running away, because you shouldn't have to face bullies in the first place - it's just helping yourself.
Sometimes asking a bully to repeat what they said can put them off - All bullies are weak, and sometimes they are not brave enough to repeat a remark to you if you ask them, so they tone it down a bit.  If they do repeat it, you will have made them do something that they didn't plan on - this gives you some control of the situation.
Keep a diary of what is happening - This is very important.  Write down the details of anything that happens and when, and your feelings at the time.  It can help you make sense of it all, and also when you do decide to tell someone about the bullying, a written record of it all makes it easier to prove what has been going on.
Don't fight back if you can help it - Most bullies are bigger and stronger than you, which is why they feel they can get away with bullying you.  If you fight back you could make the situation worse, you could get hurt, or even be blamed for starting the trouble. 
It's not worth getting hurt to keep money or possessions - This may seem harsh, but if you feel threatened, give the bullies what they want.  Property can be replaced, but if you get badly hurt for not handing over what they want, you cannot be replaced. 
A new form of bullying -

Because almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, a new opportunity has been opened up for bullies to torment their victims - Mobile and text message bullying.  This kind of bullying seems to be on the rise, and can be very upsetting.  It gives bullies the chance to get to their victims, through text message or calls, at any time of day, so there is no need to be at school, or anywhere near the bullies, for the bullying to occur.  If you have been receiving threatening texts or calls from bullies, your mobile network should have a number that you can call to report or bar calls.

Some of the main numbers are:

BT Cell Net - 01753 565000
Orange - 0800 801080
Nokia - 0870 0555777
Advice And Help Lines -

Sometimes it's very hard to reach out and ask for help when you are being bullied and are in pain.  It is very important that you tell someone though, as just talking about it can make you feel better and can stop you from locking it all up inside, which in the long run, makes the pain worse.  If you are not able to tell anyone around you what is happening, please take a look at these help lines, and perhaps try to talk to someone over the phone for help and advice, and more importantly - just someone who will listen without judging you.  If the bullying is making you feel very bad and you are thinking of hurting yourself in any way, it is even more important that you talk to someone, so please call one of these numbers as soon as possible.
Childline - 0800 1111  
Child line is the UK's free help line for children and young people in danger.  When you call you will be able to talk to a counsellor, who will help you with your problems.  It is confidential, so no one else will be told about your conversation, and because it is a free phone line, it won't cost you anything and it will not show up on your phone bill.  Because Childline is very busy you may not get through the first time you call.  Don't give up though, because you will get to talk to someone eventually, it may just take a while.
The Andrea Adams Trust - 01273 704 900
The Andrea Adams Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to tackling workplace bullying.  This help line is open between 10am and 4pm every Monday to Friday.  The operators all have personal experience and will offer advice and assistance for each persons individual experience of workplace bullying.
For a much fuller list of help lines, websites, and charities that deal with bullying, please click here to go to my Links And Helplines For Those Being Bullied page.  I have just included these three on this page as they are the main help lines, and are for those in need of immediate help.
The Samaritans - Help for people who are despairing or suicidal. 
Click here now, to be taken to a page where you can quickly find a crisis hotline in your area, you can also recieve support via e-mail, and you can learn more about how to cope with suicidal feelings.
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