My Poetry About Abuse

I know what's approaching,
As you strip me of my clothes,
I'm standing naked in front of you,
Vulnerable and exposed.

You tell me to lie upon your bed,
And your room becomes my labyrinth,
I can never escape, I can never break free,
I will always be under your influence.

I feel your breath close to my skin,
Your firm hands on my body,
I can't breathe, you're suffocating me,
I surrender to your authority.

I'm watching from above again,
My sanctuary from your pain,
You expel your poison inside of me,
You've almost accomplished your aim.

My silence has deluded you,
But now your secrets safe,
I slip my clothes back on again
And drift down to my grave.

4th Of September 2001

I see you in my dreams and
In my nightmares too.
I sense you all around me and
In the mirror too.
I feel your hands,
I'm on the ground,
On my body, I'm so sorry.
Please don't hurt me,
Don't go further,
Don't make me feel it all again.
Don't make me weep,
Don't make me cry in my sleep,
Please just see,
Look what you've done to me.
Look at the scars,
Not the ones on my body,
You can't see them can you?
Not unless I tell you,
Not unless you see them -
The flashbacks.
Not unless you know,
That every single day,
I see you all around me,
I feel it in every way.

22nd Of March 2001
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