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I hope that this will be one of my most important pages.  My aim of this survivors support-networking page is to link survivors to other survivors in order for people to give and receive support.  The idea is that people come here and leave their names and other information if they are willing to provide support.  Then others can come and look at the names and see if there is anyone they would like to chat to.  Hopefully friendships should be formed and people can give and receive a lot of support.  In theory the people leaving their names should be receivers and well as givers of support.  I really hope this idea works, because I think it could be very useful to people.

As survivors of abuse and bullying we can feel very alone and isolated and I hope that this idea will help people if they feel like this.  Just chatting to someone with similar experiences can make all the difference.
If you want to put your details on this page, take a look at mine and see if you are happy with the information you have to provide. *Please note that the brief outline of your experiences need only be very brief and need not reveal much about you, it is just so that people, if they wish, can find people with similar experiences.*  

Then follow these steps -

1. Copy and paste this form into your e-mailing program.

Your name (real or tag name) -
Your e-mail address -  (You can ask for this not to be posted online, so only I will know it.)
You instant messenger names -
Your age - (not required, but useful to other people, as sometimes age makes a difference)
Brief outline of your experiences -
Any other comments -  (not required)

2. Complete the form and send it to this e-mail address -

Name - Rose

E-mail Address -

Instant Messenger Names - Msn messenger:  Yahoo messenger: gold_blood_uk
Age - 18

Brief Outline Of Experiences - I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse/incest and of childhood bullying at school.  Suffered severe mental health problems as a result, and have been hospitalised.  Am now much better, and continue to get better all the time, although there are still times when I have a few problems.                                   
Any Other Comments - Please feel free to contact me at any time for a chat or for any help and I will get back to you as soon as possible
I will then put your information up on this page as soon as possible.
Please help me out with this because it won't exist until people start putting their names down!
List Of Survivors In This Support Network
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Name - Emma Scarborough

E-mail Address -

Instant Messenger Names - Msn messenger:

Age - 17

Brief Outline Of Experiences - Emotional neglect as a child, sexual abuse as a child, parents divorced, raped 2 years ago.  I'm a recovering self-injurer and suffering from clinical depression.

Any Other Comments - I really enjoy helping and talking to people if they need help.
Name - Laura Lockyer

E-mail Address -

Instant Messenger Names - Msn messenger:   AOL messenger: LauraShtlnd

Age - 15

Brief Outline Of Experiences - Bullying - Several occasions of verbal abuse, but recently, head slammed against a wall, punched causing black eye, punched and hit over head causing lumps and kicked causing bruises... :o(  They chased me, but I managed to outrun them, if they'd have caught me, they threatened to kill me.

Any Other Comments - I'm not sure of anyone can help me, but if you could give me any information about what I could do, I would be deeply grateful.  I'm just so scared that they are going to come after me again, because they said they would, even if it kills them...
Name - Alison

E-mail Address -

Instant Messenger Names - Msn messenger:

Age - 13

Brief Outline Of Experiences - I have been raped 3 times during my life.  I blame myself for 2 of the times, and refuse to be persuaded otherwise.  I suffer flashbacks 7-10 times a day and have nightmares every night.  I self-harm and have attemped suicide 4 times in the last year. 

Any Other Comments - I would appreciate advice from anyone who feels they may be able to help, and I would be happy to offer advice to anyone who thinks I may be able to help them.
Name - Saddened Laughter

E-mail Address -

Instant Messanger Names - Riverunico

Age - Most say I act like an adult, so I'll say a very mature 13 year old.

Brief Outline Of Experiences - I've been molested by the person I trust most, my father and the court still hasn't sentenced him.  I have been in another wierd situation with my sister.  I have been bullied for a long time and I am trying not to think about self-harm anymore.  I probably would have died had my knife not have been too dull to cut much.  I am afraid of touch, so I am, in a way, anti-social.  I feel obsolete and blame everything on myself.  I have severe flashbacks sometimes.

Any other comments - I am used to giving advice, so I will help you when I can.
Name - Liz

E-mail Address -

Instant Messenger Names - Msn Messenger -

Age - 20

Brief Outline Of Experiences
- Bullied in primary and secondary school, have been depressed and self-injured.  Feel I'm now through the SI, but the depression still resurfaces on occasion.

Any Other Comments
- I'm online 24/7, and quite an insomniac, but if I don't reply on msn don't panic, it just means I am away from my computer and have forgotten to change my status.
Name - Jami

E-mail Address

Age - 23

Brief Outline Of Experiences
I was rejected by my mother and father when I was 4.  They left me with my grandparents until my mother was pregnant with my baby sister.  In short I was a suido mother from age 8 on, my mother was a morphine addict who beat me and emotionally abused me everyday.  Her long line of boyfriends would beat me and her last ex-husband beat all of us but she would never leave him.  He tried to shoot me, my mother and my baby boy.  She went back to him after that too.  She made me lie, steal and commit at least 20 misdemeanours before I was 16.  I was what social workers call the targeted child.  By age 16 I had been in an abusive relationship of my own, raped 3 times and was a recovering self-injurer.
Name - Chelsea

E-mail Address -

Instant Messenger Names - AOL Messenger - EvanescenceFan07  Yahoo Messenger - bradhadair20032004

Age - 14

Brief Outline Of Experiences - I was raped a month before I turned 14.  I was physically abused by my father as a child.  I was bullied at school and am still ocasionally bullied, not as much as I used to be though.  I engage in self-harm, cutting and burning and I have tried to commit suicide 5 times and have recently spent 20 days (3 trips) in the hospital in a period of 1 and 1/8 months.  I suffer from major depression, PTSD, Bulimia, some anorexia (mostly mia), and BPD.

Any Other Comments - Your site is so great!  I found a lot of comfort from your site.  It is wonderfully done.  You are a strong and amazing person as well as an inspiration to me.  Thank you so much for making your website.  You have definately helped me in more than one way!
Name - Peace

E-mail Address - If you would like to e-mail this person please e-mail me and ask for their address.  They did not want their address to be made public.

Age - 25

Brief Outline Of Experiences - I was married when I was 5 months pregnant.  The month after I married 'him' the abuse began.  He cut the power off in my appartment so I couldn't call anyone, threatened to flatten my tires if I tried to leave him, taped my phone conversations, screamed at me when I was having contractions (while I was begging him to stop - which I have on video - he taped our 'argument' to prove I was 'antagonizing' him), claimed I was hallucinating and fabricating the things he was doing to me, tried to convince me I was mentally ill, called my doctors and claimed I was going to kill myself and my unborn child (not at ALL true), threw things against the wall, told me to get the f*ck out of his face, constantly threatened suicide (when I called his parents to help me, he told them to get the f*ck out of our appartment or he'd call the police and they left me there with him), he wouldn't take the dogs out to pee while I was on bedrest and told me I was to let them sh*t and p*ss on the floor.  So i'de take them out myself then he'd call the doctor and say I wasn't obeying my bedrest and putting my unborn child at risk.  Final event - put pills in his mouth and washed them down (found out later he didn't really do this) with beer and held a gun to his head, pulled the trigger (no bullets) to 'prove a point' and then lied to the police and told them I had made everything up because I was 'delusionally depressed.'
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