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Before contacting us about a puppy, please read HOW COULD YOU by Jim Willis.

Please also take the time to read
I Died Today.

We take the future happiness of each of our puppies seriously. If the above pieces do not make you cry, please do not contact us. When you inquire about a puppy, please answer the questions in our
Questionnaire. The questions are a guideline only; please feel free to tell us anything about your home and family that may help us choose the puppy that is the best match for you.

Please also read our
Pet Contract to familiarize yourself with our terms and guarantees.
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As members of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), we breed only registered dogs. It is our responsibility to ensure that your dog's registration is in order.

You will be responsible for registering your dog with your local council.

We do not place our puppies prior to 8 weeks of age, and prefer 10 weeks. Any puppy that has to fly as cargo must be a minimum of 10 weeks. Before being placed in new homes all our puppies
- are microchipped
- have had at least one vaccination (puppies who leave us after 12 weeks will have two vaccinations)
- have been health checked
- are introduced to paper training or are paper trained

Puppies will come with
- 6 weeks free pet insurance (for puppies under 6 months old)
- food (about a week's worth of the food they're used to)
- a blanket
- a toy
- a puppy information package
- Lifetime breeder support.

We believe that we are responsible for each puppy we bring into the world
for the life of that dog. If you ever have any questions or concerns we hope that you will contact us. We hope to be informed of any health issues or concerns that arise. We can only make knowledgeable decisions about our breeding program if we are aware of issues in our lines.

Please research or ask a veterinarian about health issues common to Papillons. Remember that all dogs, purebred or otherwise, are prone to various health problems. Your best chance of avoiding big vet bills is to buy from a reputable breeder who screens their dogs for known health problems and selects for temperament and health in their breeding dogs. We have provided some links on our Health & Breed Information page that we hope you will find useful.
Buying A Hobbithall Dog
Our Butterfly Babies
Hobbithall Papillons
As breeders, we feel obligated to preserve and protect all dogs, and our breeds in particular. We will accept rescue Papillons and American Cocker Spaniels at any time.
For more information or to reserve one of these lovely babies contact us at

Please note:
No inquiry will be treated as serious unless accompanied by a completed questionnaire.
We Have puppies!!!
4 Stunning puppies
born June 29 2009
1 adorable girl is available
girl  1
girl 2
girl 3


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