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Welcome to my bottle, a place of imagination  and fantasy.

There is so much around us that we see each day that is sad, violent or tragic, there are images that are fed to us that frighten our souls, feed our fears and isolate us from who we can be. It seems to many, that life has changed for the worstbut has it?.. Or is it that we, in our haste, have forgotten how to look for the pleasures and astonishment's around us everyday.     Maybe we have just grown up and forgotten the world that each of us have, or can have within our own minds, tempered by no-one, restricted by nothing but our own imaginations.

Geni's bottle is many place's , and  the colour will change depending on my mood, sometimes my escape is in my mind, and other times this online world becomes the bottle in which I play and learn.
Through my bottle, .I have re-awoken, and can  see the splendor in things so small they are usually over looked, the colour that surrounds us that we neglect to see, and the wonders and pleasures we can obtain with our god given bodies and minds, that we too often fail to use.  During my time online, I have seen beauty, kindness and compassion in people, understanding and compatibility within a world that can not see, and cannot judge.

I hope you enjoy my journey through my poems, stories and the art I have collected during my time in here. and I hope you find a place within here and within your imagination and mind that allows you to be free.    
Have fun and enjoy my site.

Geni    *smile*
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Adult Sensual Stories by fool_with_an_accent
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