Adrisport & Codyville Railroad

Welcome to the Adrisport & Codyville Railroad.

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The Adrisport and Codyville RR has closed its doors and has been dismantled. Thanks for your interest and hopefully you can still find lots of useful information on this site. In the meantime, you can follow my new project, StagingTracks, as I attempt to build another layout.

The trackplan for the Adrisport & Codyville was developed by Chris Roper in South Africa. I found his website, Evolution of a 3' x 5' Layout, a while back and followed it as he developed the idea. When he presented the idea of using a hollow core door as the foundation I decided that this would be a good starting point for me to begin. I made a few modifications to his Advanced Tutorial layout using Xtrkcad and began gathering all that would be needed (track, buildings, engines, rolling stock, etc.)

A&C engines (drawing)

I participate in a Internet discussion group of others who are building this layout or similar ones. It provides an excellent opportunity for me to ask questions, post ideas, and share my progress with others. It is the n_tutorial group on Yahoo! Groups

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