"From an early age people are taught to run from burning buildings, Firefighters are trained to run into them"
I live in upstate New York, where I have been a volunteer firefighter for a lil over 2 years now.  We have 60 volunteers that answer an average of 250 calls a year. Our district covers 75 square miles and serves approx.  3,500 people. Our district is  mainly agricultural and residential. We specialize in fire, EMS, search and rescue, ice/dive rescue, extrication and HazMat. We operate out of 1 (one) station, with 7 pieces of apparatus. Including a 1974 500/750 gpm mini pumper, a 1988 1000 gpm Engine, a 2000 1250gpm Engine, 1988 medium rescue, 1997 light rescue, 1991 2000 gallon Tender, and a 1997 ALS ambulance. We also have a 4-wheeler and snowmobile with a rescue sled. I am also a NYS Certified First Responder (CFR)   as well as NY state certifed in CPR and AED.
"All women were created equal.........

                    then a few became firefighters"
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