Ten Cent Hero

First Aired...

November 2, 1989


Sweetwater, St. Joseph Missouri

Members of the Main Cast in order of Appearance...

  • James Butler Hickok... Josh Brolin
  • Sam Cain.............. Brett Cullen
  • Buck Cross............ Gregg Rainwater
  • The Kid............... Ty Miller
  • Ike McSwain............ Travis Fine
  • Lou McCloud........... Yvonne Suhor
  • William F. Cody....... Stephen Baldwin
  • Teaspoon Hunter....... Anthony Zerbe
  • Emma Shannon.......... Melissa Leo

    Guest Stars...

  • Gabe Colter......... M.C.Gainey
  • Boy with a gun........ Billy Jacoby (Billy Jayne)
  • J.D. Marcus........... Gerrit Graham
  • Dill.................. Brad Leland
  • William Tompkins...... Don Collier
  • Bartender............. Sanford Gibbons
  • Doctor................ Warner McKay
  • Deputy................ Craig Reny (no information found if you have any please email me)
  • Chick................. Neal Thomas

    Sketchy Plot Intro...

    A fiction writers is so annoyed by Jimmy that he writes a book that will forever change Jimmy's life.

    Warning! Spoiler Alert!

  • We see Sam playing cards while the boys and Lou watch. (Inside joke: Sam has the 'dead man's hand') Cody is reading a dime novel.
  • Jimmy tries to get Cody's attention, but Cody is ignoring him. Jimmy takes Cody's book away and it gets ruined in some water. Jimmy says that kind of book is trash and insults the author.
  • The man at the bar is insulted, it turns out to be the author of the book himself, J.D.Marcus. They have a verbal argument. When Jimmy goes to leave, Marcus moved to hit him and Jimmy starts shooting. Marcus is impressed but still angry. Sam stops Jimmy and the boys leave Marcus is still standing in the bar and tells Jimmy that Jimmy is "the stuff of legends".

  • We see Marcus writing about "Wild Bill Hickok".

  • Cody goes to Thompkin's store and buys a new dime novel this one is about 'Wild Bill Hickok'.
  • Jimmy leaves for his run just as Cody gets back to the station with the book. The boy's listen as Lou reads it outloud. None of them can understand why Marcus would write a book about Jimmy when he hates him. Teaspoon explains that Jimmy has ust been given a bad reputation.

  • We see Jimmy out on his run. He meets up with a boy on the road. He is out to kill 'Wild Bill' Hickok. Jimmy hits the boy and takes his guns away. He rides away leaving the boy.

  • Jimmy gets back to the station. Kid is lying on his bunk. He mentions the book, he asks if he can be Jimmy's sidekick.

  • Later the boys are quietly eating dinner when Jimmy comes in. All the boys are teasing him by overdoing it helping to get him his food. Emma is in the corner reading the book. Cody suggests cashing in on the book. Jimmy orders Cody to stand up. "Draw!" Jimmy pulls a carrot on him. Cody looks as if he is about to wet his pants while everyone else laughs.

  • The next day at the store Kid and Jimmy are trying to buy lilac water for Emma. Jimmy asks some girls in the store about it and they giggle and walk away. Jimmy sees the book and aks Thompkins why he is selling that trash.
  • Outside Jimmy is approached by two little boys, he scares them away.
  • we see two ruffians arrive in town. Sams tells them to leave once they have finished buying their tobacco.
  • Thompkins' teasing brings Jimmy to their attention. The two men challenge him, Sam helps him out but drags Jimmy back to teh jail after. Sam wants to know what this is all about. Jimmy explains about the book. Sam warns Jimmy that if he is going to keep up the image he better shoot to kill.

  • Jimmy has nightmares. Kid tries to talk to him about it.

  • Jimmy is setting up his horse, Kid approaches from behind, Jimmy almosts shoots him.

  • Jimmy is paranoid in town, feels like everyone is looking at him. He scares two littlw girls who are reading a dime novel, it turns out it was "Gulliver in Lilliput".

  • Jimmy is sitting in Teaspoon's steam hut. Teaspoon talks to him about the difference between fact & fiction, lies vs. truth.

  • Back with Marcus, Gabe Colter is there, he threatens Marcus into telling where Jimmy is. Colter says he will be back once he takes care of Hickok.

  • Sam comes to his office to find Marcus there waiting. Marcus tells Sam about Colter comming. Sam threatens Marcus if anything happens to Jimmy.
  • Word spread around town.

  • Colter arrives in town. Marcus is hiding out in the saloon, the boy from the road is there too.

  • Sam goes to the station to warn Jimmy. He tells Emma & Kid to keep Jimmy out of sight.
  • Emma rides out to look for Jimmy. Colter goes to the station looking for Jimmy. Kid is the only one there. Colter hits Kid, tells him to get Jimmy to town.
  • Jimmy gets back and finds Kid there. He wants to know what has happened. Jimmy sends Kid with Emma to the doctor. He rides into town.

  • In the saloon, the boy is getting drunk. Colter and his gang are waiting. Sam warns Colter to get out of town. Colter takes Sam up on his challenge.
  • Marcus writes about all he sees.
  • It is not a fair fight. Colters men are all over the town. Jimmy arrives and knocks out one of Colter's men, and kills another.
  • Sam is shot, but Colter's men are taken out.
  • Colter faces Jimmy alone. Hickok shoots both of Colter's hands. Colter wants Jimmy to finish him, Jimmy will not
  • Sam warns Jimmy that this will be a new kind of hell.
  • Teaspoon and the boys finally arrive.
  • The boy calls Jimmy out, Jimmy kills him. We don't know his name. The boy still has the dime novel in his coat.

  • Buck puts his knife into Marcus' desk. Teaspoon tells Marcus to stop writing about Hickok, then tells him to write a cahnge of heart story.
  • Marcus says that this won't work and that Jimmy's legend will live on. We see Emma and Lou riding out after a dejected Jimmy.

    The End
    roll credits
    "Da da da da da da da da da da da da......"

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