Home Of The Brave

First Aired...
September 28, 1989

Sweetwater, Another Weigh Station, Kiowa Village

Members of the Main Cast In Order Of Appearance...
The Kid Ty Miller
IkeMcSwainTravis Fine
Buck CrossGregg Rainwater
Lou McCloudYvonne Suhor
James Butler HickokJosh Brolin
William F. CodyStephen Baldwin
Teaspoon HunterAnthony Zerbe
Emma Shannon Melissa Leo
Sam CainBrett Cullen

Guest Stars...
Red BearMichael Wren
Medicine ManSemu Huaute
William TompkinsDon Collier
CustomerNick Young
Station MasterJerry Gardner

Sketchy Plot Intro...
When Kiowa attack a nearby weigh station the town turns against Buck. Then when Ike is captured by Buck's Kiowa brothers Buck must decide where his loyalties lie.

Warning! Spoiler Alert!
Scene Listing And Important Dialogue
  • We see a man waking up in his cabin, he goes to the door. There is an indian with a knife.

  • Kid & Ike are riding carring supplies. Katy senses somthing. Kid figures its indians so they take a differnt route. They find that another weigh station has been burnt out. The station master is tied up. Ike finds a sign with indian symbols on it.

  • In town Cody reads about Indian attacks. Buck asks which tribe, Jimmy says it doesn't matter.
  • Thompkins is raising the prices on ammunition. He is also making rude remarks about indians. "Those boys even trained a halfbreed to hold down a regular job." Jimmy stands up for him. Buck does nothing. Thompkins calls the boys indian lovers. Buck leaves as a fight begins. They mess up Thompkins store but the boys (and Lou) eventually win. They go after Buck who is outside with his horse.
  • Buck is angry, he says they didn't fight because if him, they fought because Thompkins called them indian lovers.

  • Kid & Ike get back to the station. They tell Teaspoon about the attack. Teapoon asks Buck about the symbol, (it is a deer fighting a Bear) Buck says it is a warning to "keep of our land". It's Kiowa.
  • Jimmy Lou and Cody get back from town beat up. Emma asks what happened. They tell her, she tells them about the symbol.

  • At Dinner, Teaspoon tells them that the company is switching to critical mail only. The indians don't want the pony express riding across their land at all. For now he is assigning 2 to a run. Cody asks Buck about this trouble, but he doesn't want to talk about it.

  • Later that night, Buck rides off with the symbol. Teaspoon sees him ride out.
  • He meets up with another indian, its his half brother, Red Bear. They talk about the past, and we hear about Buck's past with the Kiowa. They share funny stories. The conversation turns to the current problems. Red Bear wants Buck to come back to the tribe. We hear about Bucks past with the tribe and how he was not trusted and slept with their eyes on his back, and ate alone. Buck says he won't go back. Rea Bear is to be chief, he is afraid that he may be blinded by connections in the white world. Red Bear warns Buck that his warriors may be forced to kill him. Buck still wont go back, so Red Bear cuts Buck's chest with a knife, leaving a long scratch. He says he will morn Buck's death.

  • The next morning, Buck is back at the station. Kid leaves on his run after Buck tells him to take care. We can tell Buck wants to say more.
  • Sam and Thompson ride up. Thompson wants payment for the damage done to his store. He goes to ride away and Ike throws wood in front of Thompkin's horse causing it to panick and start bucking.
  • Sam wants to know what happened. He tells the boys that Thompkins is going to cut off Emma's credit.
  • Sam talks to Teaspoon in private and they talk about the condition of the store, they laugh about it.
  • Ike finds Buck preparing to leave. Ike asks where Buck is going. Buck tells him that he is testing out a saddle. Ike says he doesn't believe him, Buck rides off anyway, upset.

  • Kid is riding, he sees indians and rides away quickly, but he is being chased. Buck pulls Kid from his horse. The indians ride by without noticing them.
  • Buck captures the last indian. It is a boyhood friend of Buck's. The indian wants Buck to kill him, instead they tie him up so that he will get free soon. They ride away.

  • Back at the station Kid explains to Teaspoon what happened. Teaspoon suspects that Buck already knew this was going to happen, he tells Buck that he saw him leave the previous night.
  • Buck tells them all that he left to meet with his half brother, a Kiowa war chief.
  • Jimmy is mad and starts yelling at Buck, the others gang up too. Buck says its none of their business. They want Buck to choose sides but he won't do it.
  • Buck and Jimmy get into a fight and break a bunk. Teaspoon breaks it up. Jimmy says he wont bunk with Buck, Buck leaves.

  • Teaspoon sits on the porch and tells the boys that indians think with their hearts and that Buck's is split right down the middle. Indians deserve their way fo life and Buck is caught in the middle. Teaspoon wants to know if they think Buck should come back. Jimmy wants Buck not to snore anymore.

  • Teaspoon goes and asks Buck to come back. Buck says he can't. Teaspoon tells him there are no hard feelings. Buck stills says he will leave in the morning to pray to the rising sun. He asks Teaspoon to tell Ike first and to give him the bracelet.

  • The next morning Kid and Ike leave for their run, Ike is lagging behind.

  • Lou, Jimmy and Cody realize they are short on a lot of supplies, they can't buy from Thompkins because Thompkins still won't give them credit.
  • Teapoons goes with them to the store. He threatens that Thoompkins won't get his mail or any freight from the express. He also has a letter saying that they may be opening a Pony Express Trade center across the street. Thompkins relents.

  • Kid and Ike are riding. Ike is still lagging behind. Kid stops and asks him why, Ike tells him that Buck is leaving and shows him the bracelet.
  • They hear shooting, its Kiowa. The two ride off in different directions. Ike is surrounded and motions for Kid to ride off, Ike surrenders.

  • Kid gets back to the station as Buck is packing up to leave. He tells Buck about Ike, Buck makes Kid swear he won't tell the others about this. He rides off after Ike.

  • Buck is riding and hears somthing behind him. He hides behind a tree with his knife ready, its just Kid.
  • Kid wants to help, Buck tells him he is crazy.

  • The next morning, Buck leaves his hat shirt and gun to ride into the village. He tells Kid that if he gets Ike out he wants them to go back to Emmas without him.
  • Buck rides into the village. He finds Ike tied up he tries to cut him loose but is stopped. Buck offers to come back to the tribe and be one more warrior if they let Ike go. They agree.
  • Buck is taken to the man of dreams, he has visions. They plan to perform ceremonies to rid him of his white demons.

  • Ike meets up with Kid but they don't leave, they watch.

  • Buck is pushed and shoved by the warriors he is tied with his feet over hot coals. Kid and Ike think that Buck is being killed.

    Teaspoon and the boys are eating dinner. They discuss the disapearance, it's been three days and there have been no indian attacks. Emma is worried Teaspoon tells her that they are not kids. He says that if they are willing to fight for each other they must be doing something right.

  • Buck is still tied up. Red Bear tells him that the man of dreams is going tp follow what Buck saw in his visions. He must get to the top of a cliff without getting bit by rattlers. He will be protected by the eagle if he is truely Kiowa.

  • Kid and Ike watch from above, Kid says he will shoot Buck if he gets bit by a snake.

  • Buck stands at one end but is too afraid to move through the snakes.
  • Kid raises his gun to shoot Buck but Ike stops him. Seems to be saying that he knows what Buck is doing. Kid waits, but then tells Ike to aim fot the chief because he (Kid) is going after Buck.

  • Buck sees an eagle fly overhead and finally is able to jump over the snakes and onto a rock. He is truely Kiowa.
  • Buck talks to red bear who tells him that he should go back since his heart is in the white world. Buck tells his brother that the war cannot be won. But since Red Bear can not live on a reservation he must fight. Red bear worns him that if they meet ion battle he will have to kill him and then tells him to leave and never look back.

  • Buck recieves a feather from a little girl as he leaves the village.
  • Buck rides back to Kid and Ike. Kid gives him his hat back and the ride out with no words exchanged.

    The End
    Roll Credits...
    "Da da da da da da da da da da da da....."

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