Find Your Favorite Scene!
All though we all know that all Young Riders' scenes are great! There are some that just seem to stick in our minds. Every fan has a favorite but which episode is it from? Can't remember which episode it was that Kid took his famous shower? Or maybe you don't remember which episode had Buck taking his revenge on Cody? Find out here!!!

Buck Scenes
  • "Appeasing The Spirits" For Cody aka Weird Dirt Ceremony?
  • True Kiowa Test?
  • Tells The Others About His Brother Red Bear?
  • Gets Into A Wrestling Match With Jimmy?
  • Tied Up In The Water Tower?
  • Smelling Manure?

    Cody Scenes
  • Stealing Buck's Pouch?
  • Being Drawn On By Jimmy With A Carrot?
  • "I love you too Jimmy..."

    Emma Scenes

    Ike Scenes
  • Taken Prisoner By The Kiowa?
  • "They Came For Me" "Then They Came For Us"?
  • Talking About The Death Of His Parents?*

    Jesse Scenes
  • Sending Lou love note?

    Jimmy Scenes
  • Face On A Wanted Poster?
  • Running From Townspeople With Guns?
  • Tied Up To A Wagon Wheel?
  • Gets Into A Wrestling Match With Buck?
  • How Jimmy gets the name Wild Bill?
  • Challenging Cody With A Carrot?
  • Teaspoon and Jimmy Arguement about the War?
  • Kissing Lou?

    Kid Scenes
  • "Cute Butt" Climbing Scene?
  • "They Came For Me" "Then They Came For Us"?
  • Proposing?*
  • Misunderstanding With Hotel Woman?

    Lou Scenes
  • Hitting Thompkins With A Frying Pan?
  • Lou Cutting The Saddles So The Bad Guys Can't Get Away?
  • Dressing Like A Girl?*
  • Misunderstanding With Hotel Woman?
  • Dressed as saloon girl?
  • Jesse love note?

    Noah Scenes

    Sam Scenes
  • Sam Playing Cards With The 'Dead Man's Hand'?

    Teaspoon Scenes
  • Teaspoon and Jimmy Arguement about the War?

    Other Famous Scenes
  • Credits Riding Sequence? Want to see a picture ?
  • Fight In Thompkins Store?
  • The Boys At The Swimming Hole?
  • Pretending To Work In A Bank?
  • Boys discuss Lou being a girl?

    * Occurs in Several Episodes all will eventually be linked :) Do you have a favorite scene or Young Rider's memory to share?
    Post it here!!!!
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