Dead Ringer

First Aired...
October 6, 1990

Mill Junction, Cottonwood, Sweetwater

Members of the main cast who appeared...

  • James Hickok...........Josh Brolin
  • Noah Dixon...........Don Franklin
  • William F. Cody...........Stephen Baldwim
  • The Kid...........Ty Miller
  • Buck Cross...........Gregg Rainwater
  • Ike McSwain...........Travis Fine
  • Teaspoon Hunter..........Anthony Zerbe
  • Louise McCloud..........Yvonne Suhor
  • Rachel Dunn...........Clare Wren

    Guest Stars...
  • Henry Munsey...........John Slattery
  • Jake Colter............William Shockley
  • Bank Manager...........David Richards
  • Deputy Barnett.........Monty Stuart
  • Fuller.................Ken Bridges
  • Ranch Hand #2..........Wally Welch
  • Wrangler...............Ed Adams
  • Desk Clerk.............Paul Threlkeld Was also Key Grip!!

    Sketchy Plot Intro...
    A man uses Jimmy's name to rob banks. Cody steals Buck's medicine pouch to teach him about superstition.

    Warning! Spoiler Alert!
    Scene Listing and Important Dialogue...

  • A man dressed like Jimmy walks into the bank. He robs the place, knowing in advance about a secret hiding place for money. He kills a man, calls himself 'Wild Bill Hickok' leaves with the money.

  • We see Jimmy shooting at cans, Jimmy remembers talking to Noah about why he has two guns.

  • A city slicker rides into Cottonwood. Mr. Munsey is his name, he checks into the hotel. We follow him to his room, his bag comtains guns, and a 'Wild Bill Hickok' book.

  • Kid, Ike, Buck, Cody, and Noah ride out to the swimming hole. Buck says that they should have invited Rachel along. The boys get ready for their swim.
  • Buck takes off his medicine pouch. Cody asks him about it. They argue about the spirits. Cody makes fun of Buck saying that the spirits are bunk, and that Buck should be able to protect himself spirits are just superstition. The boys all through Cody into the water.

  • Teaspoon is looking through some wanted posters that have just arrived. He finds one with Jimmy's name on it. He leaves the office, Barnett sees it too.

  • Cody sneaks over and takes the stuff out of Buck's pouch. He puts dirt in its place. Ike sees him and wants to tell Buck. Cody stops him, and asks him to wait. Ike is going to tell anyway when Teaspoon & Lou show up.
  • Teapooon explains about the problem with Jimmy. Jimmy is out on a run, Teaspoon sends Buck and Noah out after him.

  • Jimmy is in Mill Junction at the saloon. People regognize him as Wild Bill Hickok. Apparently the man killed as named Charlie Duff and he had a lot of friends. Jimmy must escape at gun point. He runs all over the town including across roof tops to escape. Noah and Buck arrive just in time and get him out of town, being shot at all the way.

  • A Bounty Hunter arrives. He talks to Teaspoon and offers him a cogar which Teapoon accepts. He has a wanted poster on Jimmy. Teaspoon calls the man a bush wacker. Apparently Teaspoon has heard of him, Jake Colter. They argue calmly, Teaspoon threatens, "You collecting that money is one thing, living to spend it....thats another."

  • Teaspoon sends Kid out after Jimmy to bring him back to the jail. "He wont be safe 'til he behind bars" (not a direct quote but close enough) Rachel finds a schedule for the riders from the day of the robbery. It has Jimmy miles away in Blue Creek. Lou goes to Blue Creek to find a witness that Jimmy was there.
  • Cody returns from his run, he is a mess. He says that he has been thrown, trampled, half drowned, "and that was before the lightening hit." Teaspoon says he looks worse than a "near sighted chicken in a coyotes den."
  • Ike follows him into the house claiming that it was because of Buck's pouch. Cody denies that he has made the spirits mad at him. Cody's bunk falls apart sending Cody to the floor. Ike shrugs.

  • The city slicker Munsey is in another town, he is a bank examiner. The bank manager isn't nice to him, in the bar he tries to get a girl. The men fight with him and he gets thrown out a window.

  • We hear Munsey talking to himself in his room. He is play acting as Wild Bill and what he is planning to do to the man who laughed at him, he calls the man his father though when that is not possible.

  • Jimmy rides into the town dressed as a city slicker. He talks to the man at the bank as a representative of Russel Majors and Waddell. He finds out that the man was wearing a mask, and just called himself Wild Bill. The bank an says that Hickok is "none too smart." Jimmy doesn't look happy. He finds out that the money was hidden but the robber knew where it was. Henry Munsey was the only outsider.

  • Jake Colter finds the men helding Jimmy's horse threatens him into telling where Jimmy went.

  • The boys are eating dinner. Cody comes in wearing a rabbit's foot. Buck teases him about being superstitious. Cody calls spirits bunk his tooth breaks when he is eating. Buck raises an eyebrow.

  • Munsey, dressed like Jimmy meets up with the man who hit him. Asks him what hand he uses, shoots his hand, then kills him.

  • Colter talks to the bank man, he is following Jimmy, finds out Jimmy is going by the name Ambrose Merriweather(remember? see episode Bulldog)

  • Jimmy checks into the hotel, and mentions the name Munsey. He finds Munsey's room number.

  • Cody asks for Ike's help in getting the stuff back into Buck's pouch before something else bad happens. Ike refuses and tells Cody to just give it to Buck. Buck is watching Cody. Suddenly the hay stack falls and almost hits Cody. He runs to Buck and tells him what he did. Buck is angry and gets ready to fight Cody but Ike holds him back. Ike tells Buck that Cody meant well. Cody says he will do anything, "Just tell them to stop being mad at me." Buck looks around and asks who? Cody tells him that it is the spirits. Buck gets this evil look on his face and he and Ike share a glance. Buck tells Cody there is a special ceremony, but says that it is too dangerous. Cody says he will do anything.

  • Jimmy goes into the saloon and hears men talking about what Wild Bill did. Jimmy argues with them but then realizes he is in disguise and backs down, he leaves the saloon. Munsey hears the exchange and follows Jimmy, they talk and Munsey claims to be a friend of Wild Bill.

  • Cody is dancing around in the river covered in stuff while Buck waves feathers around. Buck makes Cody do a series of humiliating things, while the other boiys watch from the bushes. Buck does a couple of really funny 'the spirits are watching' looks. Cody finally asks if the spirits will understand all this. Buck answers no but it will sure give them a good laugh. The boys dump water on Cody's head and Cody gets so amd he turns red and chases Buck across the river.

  • We see Munsey leave his room. Jimmy sneaks in and finds Munsey's Wild Bill costume.
  • Jimmy sends a note to the Marshal of Sweetwater.

  • The bank manager complains about how long Munsey is taking, they ahve a shipment of bank notes coming in the next day. The bank manager talks to Jimmy(Meriweather) and Munsey sees them.

  • The hotel manager asks if Meriweather foudn Munsey, Munsey says no and asks for his room number.

  • Jimmy is eating when Colter comes up to the bar, Jimmy quickly leaves. Great mirror scene.
  • Jimmy goes back to his room, goes to lgiht the lamp, Munsey hits him, knocking him out. Munsey putes Jimmy out the window.

  • The next morning...Jimmy wakes up tied and gagged. Munsey appologizes for thie treatment. He removes Jimmy's gag. Jimmy asks way he is doing this. Munsey says it is because he respects Jimmy and is trying to build his reputation. He tells Jimmy that even his father is afraid of Wild Bill and his father hits Munsey.
  • Teaspoon, Kid, Noah, and Buck are watching from afar. Teaspoon tells Buck to shoot Munsey if he goes for his gun. Teaspoon wants to wait until Munsey gets back to the bank.
  • Munsey is going to wait to shoot Hickok until after the robbery. Says that after a while people will think Jimmy was the imposter. He leaves Jimmy tied up as he rides away.

  • At the bank Kid, Teaspoon and Buck are pretending to be clerks while Noah pretends to be a customer. Munsey comes in and knows it is a set up. He takes a woman hostage amd backs out the door. Jimmy confronts him and tell him to let the hostage go Hickok wouldn't hide behind a woman.
  • Colter shoots Munsey in the back. He is very proud of his kill. Teaspoon tells him that the man he shot wasn't Hickok. He explains about Munsey using Jimmy's name and says the bounty is no good. Colter says he will save the poster, he figures he will need it before long.
  • Jimmy is upset and walks away, Teaspoon follows.

    The End
    roll credits
    "Da da da da da da da da da da da da......"

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