"Never Work With Children or Animals"
Of The Young Riders...

The Children...

Daisy (Trouble)- She appeared in the episode DaisyThe daughter of a Rachel's friend. He tries to dump the child on Rachel, which might not have been a big problem except just like her name suggests she was pure trouble, although she did inspire one of the more entertaining Jimmy/Kid fight scenes :).

Baby Girl- I don't think she was ever given a name, but she appeared in the episode Decoy. She was left on the door step but her young mother. Unfortunately, Emma was away so the job of caring for her fell to Teaspoon and the boys. We fans enjoyed many amusing scenes of trying to change a diaper, "She sprung a leak!" and Jimmy trying to give her spurs as a rattle. "Well they're shiny and they make noise." -Jimmy "So does your gun but your not going to give her that!"-Teaspoon. Ike was the only one who seemed to know what to do with the baby, we have to wonder is this from expierience or does he just have a natural way with kids?

Jeremiah McCloud- Lou's little brother. He, along with his younger sister (see below), was kidnapped by his father in Bad Blood. His father tried to teach him to be cruel and harsh like he was, and he taught him to load a rifle. When the time came to leave, Jeremiah didn't want to leave with Lou, bringing the famous Jeremiah line "You left us." Eventually though he seems to have at least partially forgiven Lou. Though neither he nor Teresa attended Lou's wedding.

Teresa McCloud- Lou's little sister. Keeper of Lou's old doll, Miss Annabelle Mummplepuss. She wore a cute little frilly dress and wore a ribbon in her hair that seemed to come untied at very randon times. She was not really noticed by her father even though he did take the time to kiddnap her as well. She still loved Louise even though she left them and was always sure Lou would come back someday.

Kiowa Girl- At the end of Home Of The Brave a young girl approached Buck and gives him a feather. If we can assume this to be an eagle feather, in many tribes this is like an award for bravery.

Peacemakers Children- Are educated at a school on their own land. Becasue the town does not teach the things they want their children to learn. They find Jimmy to be kinda strange, sinc ehtey are taught that outsiders bring trouble.

Jesse James- I don't know if we should consider him a child or not, but I will just put a link here to his main page Jesse James

The Animals...

Sampson- The donkey that Ike is very fond of. Mentioned in the episodes The Littlest Cowboy and The Keepsake if no more. Ike seems to be able to communicate with it somehow, or maybe he just feeds it.

Katie- Who could forget Kid's beloved horse, he risked his life for her one minute and used her for a shield the next. She was also the cause of the first violence in the program as Kid must stand up to a fighter to win the money for her.

Lightening- Lou's faithful horse, all though not as well known as Katie, Lou was very fond of him. At least i think it was a him, tell me if I am wrong....
Mare? (2nd Season) "good girl Lightening" -Lou (Thank you Smiley face 1487)
Please come discuss this controversy on the Young Riders Message Board.

Bart- He is a very big bear, Cody tried to save his master in the episode Decoy,but that didn't work he managed to get the bear out of the hole it was trapped in. But once the master was killed Cody was at a loss as to how to help the bear.

Spider- Didn't have a name. It crawled onto Cody's shoulder in the episode Requiem For A Hero. Hezekiah Horn was watching as Cody didn't squash the bug but let it go saying. "I figure he was here first" or something like that... I have to go watch it again.

Pete- Very big and ferocious (well sort of) Tiger in the episode A Tiger's Tale Noah and Cody get stuck with the lovely mission of taking the big guy to a museum.


Mystery Animal- From Old Scores. If you have seen this episode or are just too curious to wait, then click Spoiler, but only if you really want to know. Spoiler

Unnamed Viscious Dog- Well maybe just undernourished. In Ghosts He belonged to a bad guy, but was taken by another bad guy when the first was shot by the second.... I know I could have said that better but I'm tired so I will fix it when my brain is working again. Anyway, he followed the worse bad guy, I think his name was Buzzard. Anyhow the dog followed the bad guy all the way to where Teaspoon faced buzzard in a gun battle. "Lunch is cancelled."-Teaspoon.

Hungry Dog- Buck fed him some meat in the episode... Blood Moon(the one about the Cholera epidemic). We believe the dog died. (Thank you Smileyface1487)

Rattle Snakes...
Mentioned in passing in several episodes, actually appeared in:
  • Gunfighter Jimmy is messing with a rattlesnake, finally shoots it. He is about to be bit by another one coming from behind when Buck throws his knife into it. "There's always one more waiting..."-Buck
  • Home Of The Brave A Part of Buck's test to see if he was a true Kiowa. He had to get past a pit of rattlesnakes.

    Weird Birds randomly appeared...
  • Buzzards: Ghosts
    Mostly for the character Buzzard. He lays on the ground in the desert until one comes around then he catches it. There is also one hanging around his body after he dies.
  • Eagle: Home Of The Brave
    A Part of Buck's "true Kiowa" test. "Only in the Indian world are you protected by the eagle." Once he saw the eagle flying over head he knew how tog et to the top of the rock.

    If you know the names of any of the other horses, or any other animal or children's names, please let me know. Otherwise I will be adding more as I re-watch episodes and or remember more. :)

    (I believe the quote that is the title of this page is from W.C. Fields)
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