Stephen Baldwin

May 12, 1966

Brothers...Alec Baldwin, William Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin
Cousin...Joseph Baldwin
Sisters...Elizabeth, Jane

TV Credits
The Prodigious Mr. Hickey ... aka The Prodigious Mr. William Hicks, 1987
The Lawrenceville Stories, 1988, GutterPup
Jury Duty: The Comedy ... aka Great American Sex Scandal, 1990, Carlucci
New Eden, 1994, Adams
Dead Weekend, 1995, Weed
Mr. Murder ... aka Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder, 1998, Marty Stillwater/Alfie
Absence of the Good, 1999, Caleb Barnes
Cutaway, 2000, Agent Victor 'Vic' Cooper
Zebra Lounge, 2001, Jack Bauer
The Snake King, 2005, Matt Ford

Movie Credits
Flyboys (2005) Coming Soon!!
In My Sleep, 2006, Det. Curwen
Midnight Clear, 2005, Lefty
Bound by Lies, 2005, Max Garrett
Liminality, 2005, Caramelli
Six: The Mark Unleashed, 2004, Luke
Fallacy, 2004, Realtor
Target, 2004, Charlie Snow
Shelter Island, 2003, Lenny
Firefight, 2003, Wolf
Lost Treasure, 2003, Bryan McBride
Silent Warnings, 2003, Cousin Joe Vossimer
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, 2002, Andy
Deadrockstar, 2002, Johnny
Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice, 2002, Sean Linden
Greenmail, 2001
Spider's Web, 2001, Clay Harding
Dead Awake, 2001, Desmond Caine
Protection, 2001
Zebra Lounge, 2001, Jack Bauer
Cutaway, 2000, Agent Vic Cooper
Table One, 2000, Jimmy The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, 2000, Barney Rubble
Mercy, 2000, Mechanic
Freespace 2, 1999, (voice)
The Sex Monster, 1999, Murphy
Friends & Lovers, 1999, Jon
Scar City ... aka S.C.A.R. ... aka Scarred City, 1998, John Trace
One Tough Cop, 1998, Bo Dietl
Half Baked, 1998, McGayver Smoker
Sub Down, 1997, Rick Postley
Crimetime, 1996, Bobby Mahon
Fled, 1996, Mark Dodge
Bio-Dome, 1996, Doyle Johnson
The Usual Suspects, 1995, Michael McManus
Under the Hula Moon, 1995, Buzzard Wall
Fall Time, 1995, Leon
A Simple Twist of Fate, 1994, Tanny Newland
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle ... aka Mrs. Parker and the Round Table, 1994, Roger Spalding
Threesome, 1994, Stuart
8 Seconds ... aka The Lane Frost Story, 1994, Tuff Hedeman
Bitter Harvest, 1993, Travis
Posse, 1993, Jimmy J. 'Little J' Teeters
Crossing the Bridge, 1992, Danny Morgan
Born on the Fourth of July, 1989, Billy Vorsovich
Last Exit to Brooklyn, 1989, Sal
The Beast ... aka The Beast of War, 1988, Golikov
Homeboy, 1988, Luna Park Drunk

TV guest appearances

Fear Factor, "Celebrity Edition II", 2002
Night Visions, "The Doghouse", Barry, 2001
Batman Beyond, "Big Time", Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow, 1999
The Roseanne Show, 1998
Legend, "Mr. Pratt Goes to Sheridan", 1995
The Belles of Bleeker Street, 1991
China Beach, "All About E.E.V.", Chuck Berry, 1988
Family Ties, "Beyond Therapy", Bobby, 1982

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