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Season 1
1.1 The Kid - Russell Majors and Waddell hire young men as Pony Express Riders. Teaspoon Hunter teaches the overly proud boys his bag of tricks, and some young men find a new kind of family. 1.2 Gunfighter - Jimmy's nightmares of his past lead him to troubles with a gunfighter. Emma seems to know this man, can she get Jimmy out of his trouble? Will Jimmy let her?
1.3 Home of the Brave - When Kiowa attack a nearby weigh station the town turns against Buck. Then when Ike is captured by Buck's Kiowa brothers Buck must decide where his loyalties lie. #Complete page check it out!!! 1.4 Speak No Evil - Ike witnesses and robbery/murder. He and the other boys ride to Blue Creek to protect Ike so that he can testify. #Complete page check it out!!!
1.5 Bad Blood - Lou is planning a visit to her siblings, when she gets there thoguh it turns out her siblings have been taken. Meanwhile Ike has been shot while on a run. Are the two issues connected? Is there more to Lou's secretiveness than we thought? 1.6 Black Ulysses - When a escaped slave comes to Sweetwater Kid must face his hidden prejudice. Will the town pull together to help a man in need?
1.7 Ten Cent Hero - A fiction writers is so annoyed by Jimmy that he writes a book that will forever change Jimmy's life. #Complete page check it out!!! 1.8 False Colors - Kid meets up with his long lost brother Jed, but has he really changed?*
1.9 A Good Day To Die - When Kid comes upon an Indian at the scene of a tragedy he assumes the worst. Can Kid choose between his sense of duty and what his heart tells him? 1.10 End Of Innocence - Emma and Jimmy travel to Fort Reunion only to find it is in danger of indian attack.
1.11 Blind Love - Jimmy falls in love with a married woman. When her husband is mysteriously killed Jimmy is suspected. 1.12 The Keepsake - Teaspoons long lost daughter shows up just as Teaspoon finds he has inherited money. Kid and Lou's romance blossoms.
1.13 Fall From Grace - Jimmy quits the Pony Express and takes a job in a brothel... say it ain't so Jimmy!!! 1.14 Hard Time - Kid and Cody travel to an unfriendly town. Kid defends a woman and ends up in jail himself. In a town where no one ever looks up, jail is the last place you want to be.
1.15 Lady For A Night - Lou drops her disguise for dinner in a strange town, but is the man she meets trustworthy. Especially since he followed her back to Sweetwater. 1.16 Unfinished Business - Emma's ex husband returns looking for a place to stay. This causes problems for Sam and the boys. Why did he leave? Why is he back?
1.17 Decoy - Cody is sent out on a ride to deliver an important military document. But his trip is wraught with danger from: renegades, a grizzly bear, and a crazy woman. The others are not much better off dealing with an abandoned baby. 1.18 Daddy's Girl - Love can be dangerous, especially when it comes in the form of the new banker's daughter. Is this true love or just another heart break for our beloved Buck?
1.19 Bulldog - A city slicker with a love for dime novels seems an unlikely sort or hero. But when the lines for the ponyexpress are redrawn to go through Indian land, you'll take who you can get. 1.20 Matched Pair - Jimmy must face off with an old friend who owns the match to his gun. *
1.21 Man Behind The Badge - Sam has flash backs to his past when an old ghost arrives. Sam's enemy manages to take Sam's job away and get him arrested for murder. Can Sam find the proof he needs that he is not a murderer? 1.22 And Then There Was One - Teaspoon mysteriously leaves with an old friend. He won't let anyone follow him. Of course our boys don't agree.
1.23 Gathering Clouds
Part 1
- Kid is secretly working for the army to find out the identity of a rebel leader.
1.24 Gathering CloudsPart 2

Season 2
2.1 Born To Hang* 2.1 Ghosts 2.3 Dead Ringer
2.4 Blood Moon 2.5 Pride and Prejudice 2.6 The Littlest Cowboy
2.7 Blood Money 2.8 Requiem For A Hero 2.9 Bad Company*
2.10 Star Light, Star Bright* 2.11 The Play's The Thing 2.12 Judgement Day
2.13 Kansas 2.14 The Peacemakers 2.15 Daisy
2.16 Color Blind 2.17 Old Scores 2.18 The Talisman
2.19 A Noble Chase* 2.20 Face Of The Enemy 2.21-22 The Exchange
Part 1 Part 2

Season 3
3.1 A House Divided 3.2 Jesse 3.3 The Blood Of Others
3.4 Between Rock Creek
And A Hard Place
3.5 The Presence Of Mine Enemies 3.6 Survivors
3.7 Initiation 3.8 Just Like Old Times 3.9 Spirits
3.10 A Tiger's Tale 3.11 Good Night Sweet Charlotte 3.12 Song Of Isaiah
3.13 Spies 3.14 Shadowmen 3.15 Mask Of Fear
3.16 Dark Brother 3.17 The Road Not Taken 3.18 The Sacrifice#
3.19 Lessons Learned 3.20 The Dept 3.21-22 Til' Death Do Us Part
Part 1 Part 2

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