All About ME!!!
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Well...  I'm just gunna list some things about me...  So, yeah.

Name: Cobran.  My real name shall never be revealed!!!  MUWAHAHAHA!!  It's charles, and if you call me that, prepare to have purple monkeys having sex thrown at you!!!
Age: 13
Location: Daytona Beach, Fl.  SUCKS TOO!!!!
Gender: Male, although I act otherwise... lol
Sexual Orientation: GAY GAY GAY!!!!
Fav. Song: "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera.  The video is AWESOME, and it sends a GREAT message.
Fav. Fanfic: Golden Threads of Trust.
Fav. Color: Black or BLOOD red.
Hobbies: Boys, magick, boys, fanfics, web-design, boys, fanfics, ummm...  Being me?  I dunno!!  LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
Pets: I have two cats, Angel and Goddess.  My mom has two cats, Trouble and Blacky.
Fav. Artist: Savage Garden and Christina Aguilera
Anything else: Ask me!!!!
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My Favorite Links:
Golden Thread of Trust
My friend Brittany's web-site.
More about me!!!
Name: Cobran (TO YOU, THAT IS!!!)
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