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Welcome to The Lair!!!

Hi everyone. Ummm... I'm Cobran. Welcome to my LAIR!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! Well, my lair, or where I do my magick, is my bedroom, but... I like the sound. ^_^ So, yeah. Welcome. I hope you like what you see. If you don't, tell me!

Ummm... Well... I've got the page, of course, that's all about me, seeing as it's MY site!!! But, also, I have a message board, Fan Fiction and Art of the Harry Potter kind, a chatroom, umm... What else? Well... Anything else you want, and I can provide, I'll try and get it. So... Yeah.

Well... I'm gunna shut up, so you can start looking at the stuff, like you KNOW you want to. Yeah right. Anyways... Ummm... If you need anything, e-mail me. I'd be glad to respond, when I get the time. Well... here your thing is...

Where do you want to go today? Fan Fiction
Message Board
All About Me!!
My Online Journal!!

Well... That's it. I know, I have NOTHING!!! Well.... If you'd only send in suggestions to me, it'll be better for you. :-) Anyways. Umm... Questions? Comments? How's My Driving? E-Mail me here?. Thanks for visiting. Yeah. So... I'll see you later! Bye bye! Oh, and on all other pages, if you wanna come back here, to the main page, click on the star. So, bye!

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I dedicate anything and everything posted on this site to Jamie Lee Gabehart, the love of my life. We might not be together anymore (damn my mom!), but I still feel exactly the same towards him (you if you're reading this, Jamie). I love you!

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