Jazz is one of the few forms of music indigenous to the United States. It is not proprietary to any culture or ethnicity, however, so jazz offers every player from any background the ability to participate.  Jazz includes music from South America, Europe and Asia. It is now a worldwide culture of musicians who perhaps tire of the formulaic pop songwriting culture. 

   Herein you will find basics to begin or accelerate your jazz guitar studies. Readers and non-readers will find advantage here, although many references will favor the reader. The study of fundamental theory will always be integrated.

                            THE  ARTIST'S  BACKGROUND

   David Hicks began playing guitar at age 7. He was strongly influenced by the show tunes and pop songs played on guitar by his father, a former lieutenant-colonel in the Air Force, and on piano by his mother, who had been playing on stage in New Orleans as a girl. Influences of Shearing and Brubeck gave way to Corea and Coryell during the fusion 70's.  After an early graduation from high school, David studied for 2 years at  the former Tarrant County Junior College in Fort Worth, Texas. He studied private classical guitar under James Eddy, music theory under Dr. James Luck and Mr. Larry Willcoxin, music appreciation with Ms. Scheussler, and private jazz guitar(N.E. campus) with John Nash.  In addition, David studied tabla and harmonium under Ustad Hamid Hussein in New York.  He has performed professionally in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. ,  Atlantic City,  Austin,  Dallas and Fort Worth.


  LESSONS and MASTER CLASSES AVAILABLE now in the TCU area of Fort Worth,  just  off  W. Berry Street.  For further information, please click the first link for e-mail  or the 2nd link for David's mp3 site.






   Students are encouraged to apply from all musical backgrounds.  Acceptamos todos estudantes. Ouvrez la porte pour votre monde de jazz. Be cool,  Be very cool.


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