What is a Bengal Cat ?

A bengal is a domestic cat bred with a wild cat from Asia called the "
Asian leopard cat '. The first generation cats are called foundation
cats. For example, F1's (filial generation) are kittens where one parent
is a leopard cat, and the other parent is  domestic cat. Then there are
F2's. Thats when an F1 is bred to another domestic cat (either an SBT
bengal or an Egyptian Mau). Then F3, and F4's. Most male cats are
sterile from F1-F3 and are sold as pets. F4 males are able to mate &
produce kittens. All other generations (F5, F6, ect...) are considered
SBT meaning "stud book tradition". All generations, from F4 & after, can be shown at a cat show.
Bengals have all the traits as an every day cat, but, they also
carry traits from their wild ancestors. For one, their looks. Bengals
are the only domestic cat to have rosetting and glitter. In my opinion, the black spots
& whited tummies make them not even comparable to other breeds
of cat. There are many different colors to choose from. There are brown spotted, sorrel spotted, seal lynx spotted snow, mink spotted snow, seal sepia spotted snow, silver spotted, rusty spotted, melanistic (black) spotted, and all of them colors also have the marbled pattern as well as the spotted!
Oh, and talk about personality...They are the MOST curious animals! As a
matter of fact, there's one on my lap right now, that thinks computer
time is petting & loving time! :-) They love to "talk", and will
probably answer you when you talk to them. They're also incredibly
fearless! My 7 lb girl will actually pounce my 18 lb domestic male cat ( who is SO MUCH
larger than her) and take him down! Plus, have you ever seen a cat that
LOVES to play in water? Just try & take a bath or shower with a bengal
in the bathroom! Water Everywhere.... It's an experience all in it's own!!!
So, what is an ALC????
The ALC (Asian Leopard Cat)
There's a tri-colored marble in this picture!
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