Like my name I am a calm and quiet, thinker of thoughtsbut I can be a playful happy spirit, though at times I may act a little shy..just give me a little time, and take the time to get to know me..and we will become good friends. I do so enjoy the friendships I have made, and will come to the aid of any and all who ask, for if we are not here to help one another, then why are we here? I have made my home in the Forest and Jacuzzi of Fantasy Castle and also the Hollow at Willowby Estates.Well, that is all for now, perhaps more another day..~smiles~

I have many traveling companions...though all do not acompany me at once...Snowspirit my white wolf...given to me by my dear friend Katy the White Dragon...Draco my little dragon given me by Firemastar...a pack of puppies...~grins~..they still need names...and my friend owl...These are treasured gifts from very dear friends...~smiles~

I would like to express the warmest hugs and hellos to all my special friends from many realms...sparrow, Air Above, Bella, Ice King, Archer,Tux, Al, Serris, Taiz, EoL, Alticulas, Moonmyst..(my forest sis), Dartanion..(keeps me supplied in DJ equipment), Ro Terra..(did the leg work for my bio), GT, Katy and soooo many more...~warmest smugs to you all~

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It's the light to the future and the link to yesterday, It's the understanding of our faith and the knowledge of today.
It's the meaning of the little voice inside your head, It's to see existing life when everything else appears dead.
It is to set the highest standards, do your very best, Think to your greatest ability and rise above the rest.
It is to love yourself even though you didn't win, To feel confident in yourself, to try again and again.
It is daring to be different when everything remains the same, It is to see sunlight shining through, despite the rain.
Consider youself an individual not like any other, Because we can make it in this world if we just work together.
- Allyson Gross

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