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Faerin is an alternate world that is connected to every other world in the "universes" by portals. Yes, even Earth has a portal or two around somewhere. The portals are mostly hidden and people often fall into the unawares. Or they find them, and well, you know the saying about curiosity . . ..

Oddly enough, I found a website about Faerin,and if you want to known the
full story (or are interested into yourself) just click the  "Faerin Town" banner above!
The sketch above was drawn by  a fine artist named Sheryl Chee! Please be kind and visit her sketch page!
Yes, I am a proud memeber of the "Sisters of the Golden Moon"!  You will rarely ever meet such a wonderful group of women on the web. We are an ACTIVE community of women who are blind to color or ethnicity and we embrace women of every background and belief system. If you are interested in learning more about our organization click my star above.

Within SGM there are many constellations and I have chosen to align myself with the Scribe Constellation! The pens and of these creative ladies don't ever stop. Our most popular work that is a monthly ezine called "Phases of the Golden Moon". But we also have poetry, prose and essays for your enjoyment. My especial favorite is the "Scribe Scrolls" (on which I have a few submissions)! Please feel free to check out any and all of what the Scribes have to offer.
Your one stop for all things J.R.R. Tolkien and his master work The Lord of the Rings! I am a bit of a Tolkien-a-holic and there are many communities on the web dedictated to this master of fantasy, but it is to CoE that I am the most failthful! We boast the most tail-kickin' image gallery on the web, there must be thousands of stills from the movies and a ton of original work from our own members (affectionately called "Council Memebers"). There is also a pretty large message board and resources for you to learn ELVISH! Please visit us to see it all!!!
Come see my cutesie adoptions and gifts that people have given me!
Circle of Fantasy
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