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Several Norwegian Elkhounds live here!

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Norwegian Elghunds or "Moosedogs"-

A wonderful breed of dogs who really aren't for everybody. If you think you can put up with barking, digging and lots of shedding, then you might consider one. They make wonderful companions, guard dogs, need a considerable amount of attention, are very intelligent, can be very stubborn, and are a challenge to train. Actually, they seem to housebreak quite easily. If you think you can live with these things, maybe they are for you. I have four of them at this time, and wouldn't trade any one of them for any other breed! They are very active dogs, and need lots of room to run and definitely, a fence! They also tend to gain weight quite easily, so their diets need to be watched carefully.

(Photograph by 'Impact Photography' by Amanda

Specializing in conformation photography.)

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"Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job."

Franklin P. Jones

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