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We're here to get the word out! Pitts are just as loyal and loving as any other dog. All they need is love and affection. We're here to educate people and let them know pittbulls are not bad, people are!

A Little History on the Pittbull
The Pittbull Terrier is a descendant of the bull dog and different terrier breeds. Originally the breed was used for bull baiting and bear baiting. (these sports are still held regularly in Pakistan and Japan.) They were bred to be superior in strength, loyalty, and intelligence. They were made to be fearless against whatever they faced. In the 1800's when bull baiting was made illegal people looked for another outlet.
Dog fighting was, of course, cheaper than bear hunting and easy to hide. But the dog fighter of the old days was very different then the ones today. Many people know the horrific stories of how people today throw the dogs together and let them fight till one cannot fight anymore ot, in many cases, to the death. But when dog fighting first came around it was different. It is common knowledge however, that the Pit Bull breed was developed for blood sports: Bull baiting, bear baiting, and later, dogfighting. What is not common knowledge is that in the days of organized dogfighting, the handlers of the combatants were habitually IN THE PIT with the dogs for the duration of the fight. They were required to pick up and separate the dogs several times while the dogs were in full fight frenzy. Before the fight, the handlers were required to wash each other's dogs, and after the fight, the badly injured dogs were often treated at ringside by strangers. Any dog that attacked or bit a handler (even if it was the other dog's handler) or anyone else at any time was culled, often on the spot, and would never have been bred. Over time with the decline of society came the decline of the dog fighting sport. The breed has always been used for blood sports and it seems that they will be continued to be used in these sports.
Modern Pit Bulls have proved they are not only good at fighting, but they excel at just about anything their people put in front of them. Whether they are running agility, pulling weights in excess of 2,000 lbs, working cattle, earning obedience titles or catching hogs, American Pit Bull Terriers are far more than fighting dogs.

PittBull awareness day October 23, 2010! Visit blessthebullys.com to sign up to host your own event or find out how you can help!