So the last time I updated this page I said that VH1 was my favorite channel, not anymore. MHD is byfar the best channel yet. If you have HDTV you should have this channal. My favorite classic rock video would have to be AC/DC "You shook me all night long". It is the HEADBANGER highlight video.
I would like to thank anyone who came to this webpage and signed my guestbook. All you guys and gals are great. If you haven't yet please do with the link below.
So I decided to make this page an official blog for my site. So I don't have that many things to talk about for this section of THE HEADBANGER so please, I need help with this section, give me some input on this. So I have been downloading some great music from the classic limewire and I have to say that the best song I have heard from the whole list is by "Linkin Park". The song is "Bleed it Out". It has a lot of emotion. The crowd in it makes me turn my head because it has people yelling in it and I think its someone in my family yelling for me. I do need to create some more web pages, and to do that I need more space. Geocitites free just isn't cutting it and if you think this site would be a whole lot better with more space and better web creation just sign my guestbook or email me at Give me some input people help me out here.
January 5, 2008
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