Many have come, looking for friendship, and direction in life. Many have stayed and became a part of the family that is darkguild. Unfortunately it has not proceeded completely past the internet yet, but soon it will. For those of you who are wondering what Darkguild is, it is our gift to the world. It is exactly what the following piece of literature describes, a way station in troubled times. An interactive orginization that is there to offer a helping hand when trouble strikes, or when it seems like no one understands. We have a message board, and if you stick around long enough, you may find yourself making a few friends, infact we hope you do. Welcome to Darkguild. Feel free to look over the page, and post on our message board, but before you post on our message board, I ask that you atleast please read the welcome page, and the codes and standards page. You do not have to submit for membership, but we certainly hope you do

As the cold wind blows across the world, and humanity knocks at the door of it's own destruction, a dim light shines. That light is known as DarkGuild... A way station for the weary travelers, a school for mages, and a home to a few humble souls.
We are looking for new members of the Guild. If you would like to Join or just need a rest from the outer world, you are more than welcome to e-mail us. The address is at the end of this page. Please feel free to stay a while, new company is always welcome here.

Shadow Walk the middle path,
Shun those of Shath.
Do not favor either,
Yet be caring to neither.
For this is their fight,
This strife between Dark and Light.
By: Shattered Silver (BlackAngelMorgon)

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