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Good Great Best Simple Inexpensive Gifts 2011 - 1.5" Asian Cloisonne Health Balls - 3 Designs

Good Great Best Simple Inexpensive Gifts 2011 - 1.5" Asian Cloisonne Health Balls - 3 Designs

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Classical pair of traditional Chinese health balls, hollow steel with mysterious mechanism, thought to impart healthful energy if held in ones hand, decorated in dark blue enamel and brass wire cloisonne, select Shou (Long Life) symbol, Bugua (Yin Yang), or Dragon & Phoenix, ships in 48 hours, professionally packed and fully insured from our Massachusetts warehouse via Fed Ex, expedited delivery available.

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  • Pair of 1.5" Cloisonne Enameled Stainless Steel Spheres w/ Weights Inside
  • Select from 3 Designs - Shou (Long Life) Symbol, Bagua (Yin Yang), or Dragon & Phoenix
  • Includes Traditional Fabric Covered Oriental Presentation Box w/ Pewter Clasp as Shown
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  • Ships Next Business Day, Pro. Packed & Insured from Boston via FedEx - Expedited Deliv. Available

Customer Reviews

I got a set of theese balls a few weeks ago, and I use them all the time. After a long day at work it is very calming to me to sit on the couch, pick them up and twirl them in my hand. the chimes inside are a nice feature too. One of the funniest things about them (other than seeing peoples faces when I tell them I am playing with my balls) is the noise also seems to be calming to my dog.

Another benefit, I have problems with the use of my hands and since I have been using theese it has actually helped improve my control over them.

Nice Gift4
My wife saw me ordering health balls for my self and liked the looks of these. They are great for small to medium hands and have a nice ring to them. The box is also nice, well padded and will protect the balls. A great set for beginners, relaxing and east to use.